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Starter Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

Published on 23.02.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

You have seen many influencers promoting different products. Mostly, influencer marketing happens on Instagram. After Facebook acquired Instagram for more than a billion USD, they have changed the platform's primary direction. Today, it's the biggest network after Facebook itself. Over the last few years, IG became the biggest influencer tool on the web. Today we will talk about the essential A-Z of Instagram influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing - lucrative industry

Why is that industry so attractive for businesses? Well, influencers are people who have established and influential accounts on Instagram. They get love and hate at the same time, but mostly, their ideas are shared. Let's take an example and check the fitness industry. You'll see thousands of influencers in this space who achieved success in the fitness world. All the influencers have unique and different approaches to workout, nutrition and rest. In the latest research, the company Trackmaven noted that pages on Instagram get better engagement rates than Facebook, Twitter, etc. (check the image below - TrackMaven company said that Instagram is better when it comes to engagement rate).


The engagement rate is significant. First of all, check the quality of the comments on each post of the influencer. Open ten latest posts of specific influencers and check users' comments and profiles who comment on the posts. If real people comment on an influencer's posts, then carry to the second step. It would be best if you found the engagement rate. ER is calculated by comparing the numbers of followers to the likes on the posts. If the influencer has 10 000 followers and gets 100 likes on each post, it means that the engagement rate is 1%. Only collaborate and trust influencers that have a minimum 5% rate.


Get noticed by the influencer.

Instagram has an option where IG users can check what influencer is liking and commenting on others accounts. It's an excellent option for every business to get noticed. In the IG marketing industry, people call it Instagram Power Likes. You can get power likes from big accounts and wait for a viral effect. Going viral will be very profitable if you choose (check the image below - you see that big accounts (verified) like and comment on Neymar's photo that went viral afterwards).