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TikTok Launches Improved App Interface Tailored for Tablets and Foldable Devices

Published on 30.12.2023 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

TikTok has recently launched a significant update aimed at improving the user experience for those accessing the platform on tablets and foldable devices. This enhancement was officially announced this past Monday, marking a step forward in the app's adaptability to various screen sizes.

Optimizations for Larger Screens

The latest update brings a host of optimizations specifically tailored for larger screens. Users can now enjoy a video feed of heightened clarity, showcasing content with greater detail and sharpness. This improvement is a leap forward in TikTok's commitment to a high-quality viewing experience.


Streamlined Navigation and Orientation Support

In addition to visual enhancements, TikTok has introduced streamlined navigation bars at the top and bottom of the app interface. This design change allows users easier access to the app's numerous features and tabs, simplifying navigation on larger devices.

Moreover, TikTok has expanded its functionality to include support for both landscape and portrait orientations. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for tablet users, who often switch between orientations based on content type and personal preference.


A Challenge to YouTube's Dominance

The introduction of landscape mode for larger screens is a strategic move by TikTok, positioning it as a more direct competitor to YouTube. This update comes a year after TikTok began globally testing a horizontal full-screen mode on mobile devices. By supporting longer videos and now offering an improved landscape mode, TikTok is encroaching upon YouTube's territory, traditionally known for long-form content.

This update is particularly relevant for users who enjoy watching longer videos, such as cooking demonstrations and beauty tutorials, on their tablets. TikTok's goal with this new mode is likely to attract users who predominantly watch YouTube on larger screens, offering them an enhanced alternative on TikTok.


A Leap Ahead of Instagram

Notably, this move to optimize TikTok for larger screens, including foldables and tablets, gives the platform an edge over one of its main rivals, Instagram. Despite Instagram's popularity, it notably lacks a dedicated iPad app, which TikTok has now capitalized on with its latest update. This development underscores TikTok's ambition to expand beyond its mobile-first strategy and cater to a broader range of devices and user preferences