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Affiliate marketing is perfectly suitable with YouTube

Published on 22.09.2019 by Luka

After e-commerce, affiliate marketing is a massive industry. Everyone who searches for “how to make money online” stumbles upon affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing as a real business

You don’t need to have a product or service to start making money online. There are companies or simple people who offer you a fixed (or specific) percentage from each sale. You need to find a traffic source where you would be able to promote those products or services.

Today we have hundreds of middle-parties where you can find affiliate offers. Click bank, Click Junction, Share Sale, Maxbounty, AdVidi, etc.

YouTube as a source of traffic

For successful promotion, you need a reference to traffic. Let’s make things easy – you need actual attention from people (and that’s traffic). So, where you can get attention from people? On big networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

YouTube is the biggest video platform ever created. Up to billion users per month could change your business for good.

YouTube is the most suitable platform for the affiliate industry

Have you heard that video marketing is better than just text copy of Advert? If you put a video into the Advert, you get more attention and exposure. YouTube is a video engine, and here you chances are higher because of videos.

Where to start as an affiliate?

It’s the most active question you can get in the affiliate industry. Where to start? It’s not hard, and you need to take time and start right now. We can give you a few directions, but without your grind, success is impossible even in this industry.

Clickbank is a perfect option to start. You can join the network in five minutes, verify email, and start browsing. As you confirm email, you gain access to thousands of affiliate offers. You can browse different categories and find a suitable offer. It’s better to choose a group where you feel confident. If you know the niche, then it becomes easy for you to create a video. Also, it’s easy to focus on that work as a niche is unusual for the mind. Clickbank is an open network where you can make money from the start, but it is a crowded place.

Closed networks for big affiliates

When you make a few thousand dollars from ClickBank and Share Sale, you can join some close networks. The approval rate is low because those networks look for only advanced YouTube marketers (affiliates in general). So, you need to be kind to get approval. Maxbounty, AdVidi, and this type of companies will make you a better affiliate.