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How to do a proper research to get on Top posts

Published on 17.08.2019 by James

Hashtags became widely popular because of Twitter. Hashtags were popular before, but Twitter made it viral. Then Facebook started copying the whole system of twitter regarding Hashtags, and they got new features. After a few years of hashtags blow up, Instagram came into the game. Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars, and everyone lost their mind. It’s because no one knew about Instagram deeply, and they did not understand Instagram algorithm game.

As of today, we know that Instagram is widely popular. Hashtags could deliver your marketing campaigns into another level. Never start any campaign without correct Instagram hashtag plan. Today we will talk about the benefits and also how to do hashtag research.

Top posts on Instagram

One of the beautiful moments for hashtags research is being on the senior positions of Instagram. When you search for something (for example #DemiLovato), you get different results. They are categorized into two posts – Top & recent posts. Our main goal could be getting on “top posts,” but it’s also important to be mentioned in “recent posts.”

The Instagram algorithm shows whether it’s worth to go for a specific hashtag or not. Before we go into details, let’s talk about the top posts. Nine results as top posts

Why it’s important? Everyone who checks on #DemiLovato on Instagram, they first get nine results as a top. It’s essential to get mentioned there as people always engage with those posts. So, you will have thousands of people checking on your profile for free. It’s a perfect marketing recipe, but you need to do proper hashtag research for achieving results.

Recent posts on Instagram

As we have mentioned, it’s hard to get on “top posts.” There is another way to get free attention from people – “recent posts.” When you add a hashtag to your Instagram post, it automatically pops up on that hashtag page. What could go wrong? Nothing, but the problem could be competitiveness. There could be hundreds of people adding the same hashtag as you, so your post could get lost in the competition. It’s better to add specific hashtags to your posts regularly and posts on regular hours. That way, you can compete with big game and your posts could be visible for everyone.

How to do proper Hashtag research

What’s the limitation, when it comes to Hashtags? The Instagram algorithm has a specific restriction. You are not able to add as many hashtags as you wish. Keep in mind that the maximum 30 hashtags are allowed in a single post. It does not matter whether its caption or first comment, only 30 hashtags can go for a separate post. 

How to use hashtag game for your business?

First of all, you need to outline three categories of hashtags. Three groups were starting from low to a significant number of results.

1-10 Hashtags – Those that have a minimum of 1 million results

11-20 hashtags – those that have between 100 000 – 1 000 000 results

21-25 hashtags – those that have between 50 000 – 100 000 results

26-30 hashtags – those that have up to 50 000 results. (Use mostly between 10-20k)

That’s how you can align hashtags into your post to get success.