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Facebook Ad Ideas How to Create an Outstanding Ad

Published on 08.04.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Facebook is one of the best sites for promoting your business. With its large audience of over 3 billion monthly users, Facebook offers a large audience to showcase your brand. However, you may not see a significant effect if you are trying to do that organically. This is why you should consider Facebook ads for the best results.

Whether you are a content creator, a brand, or a social media manager, the best way to reach your target audience is through Facebook ads. This article will guide you on creating different types of Facebook ads that will easily convert.

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

If you are still not convinced that Facebook ads are the way to go, here are some reasons to consider.

Great Targeting Options

Facebook Insights provides you with a lot of data you can use to take your marketing to the next level. When creating your ad, you can set your ad to reach different demographics according to age, gender, and location. 

You can also target users according to behaviors, interests, political affiliations, income, and significant life events. Therefore, you can easily define your Facebook audience according to the above categories.

Different Ad Options

Facebook offers you the opportunity to target different types of ads, such as:

  • Photos. Static single images with a caption.
  • Videos. Ads of varying lengths can be set to appear in different ways, such as in In-stream, in stories, and in user feeds.
  • Messenger. Ads appearing in between stories in the messenger app.
  • Stories. Customizable full-screen ads, either in full images or videos.
  • Carousel. Ads made of up to 10 static images.
  • SlideShow. These consist of short videos made of sound, motion, and text.
  • Playables. Interactive demo games are available for users to preview before downloading an app or a game.
  • Collections. Ads showcasing multiple products in one ad.

Therefore, when advertising on Facebook, you are not limited to one type of ad or only locked to pieces of text.

Affordable Advertising Option

Facebook advertising is one of the most affordable options out there. They also allow you to set your budget and access the ad manager feature at no extra cost. While the cost will depend on various factors, you can expect to pay anything from a few cents to a couple of dollars per click.

Fast Results

good Facebook advertising strategy provides excellent results for brands searching for short-term and long-term advertising strategies. Once your ad has gone live, you can expect to see conversion immediately.

Choose Your Marketing Objective

Facebook also allows you to choose from a wide range of marketing objectives according to your marketing goals. These options are usually great for businesses that have a specific marketing objective they want to focus on. Some of the objectives businesses often choose include:

  • Improve engagement on their valuable content.
  • Promote their Facebook pages so that customers can engage more with them.
  • Create website ads to gain website referral traffic.
  • Call to action.

Besides, businesses can focus on a more significant business goal, such as increasing sales, generating leads, and expanding their visibility.

A Wide Audience Reach

Meta, Facebook's mother company, also owns Instagram, allowing advertisers to simultaneously put their ads on both platforms, even if you aren't active on Instagram. This provides advertisers with an opportunity to reach a large and diverse audience.

Ability to Track Ad Performance

Facebook allows advertisers to track the performance of their ads in real-time This is possible because of the wide range of metrics provided by Facebook ads, such as conversion, engagement, and reach. The data is usually updated in real-time, allowing Facebook users to make real-time decisions. When you understand metrics such as video completion rate, you can easily improve your ad performance,

How to Create an Outstanding Facebook Ad

Here are some tips on creating outstanding Facebook ads.

Use a Clear Headline

Using a lengthy sales pitch will bore your audience, and your sales copy will not serve the purpose well. You should use a short, clear, and concise headline. When creating a Facebook ad, you will add the headline to the text field of your ad builder rather than the headline field.

Use a Creative Tension Image

Novice advertisers don't understand how to use creative tension images in their Facebook ads. For instance, if the copy has the headline "make money in your sleep," they use a stock image of a man in pajamas holding a wad of cash. 

The general rule of thumb is to make the image playful if you use serious writing for your copy. And if the image is severe, you should make the words playful. This helps to create a good contrast.

Let Your Landing Page Rhyme With Your Ads

When you create an ad, you promise your audience that when they click it, they will get something. This is why you must ensure your Facebook ad and landing page are in sync. You can use similar design elements like colors, fonts, and image arrangements.

Ensure that the content you promised on the ad is also on the landing page. Doing that will make it easy for the viewer to transition from the ad to your landing page. Remember that having your readers click on your ad is already hard enough. You should, therefore, not disappoint yourself by having them click away when they get to your landing page.

Use the Correct Size and Aspect Ratio of an Image

Another essential thing to do is to ensure that your ad is of the correct size and aspect ratio. If you use poorly formatted video and image sizes, the image can be grainy, distorted, and hard to see. You can add all the information you want to see and avoid using the correct image size.

Ensure that you are also using the right custom-made image. Remember that your image represents your brand on Facebook. Therefore, use a high-quality image showcasing your products or services. Avoid using too much text and instead allow the focus to be on the image. You can use Canva to create great images or Unsplash for high-quality and royalty-free images.

Use Color Psychology

Your choice of color will impact how people receive your ad, just like the text and the image. Studies indicate that most people judge an image depending on the type of color. Color can, therefore, create contrast in the reader's eyes. It also helps to define your brand's identity, in the same way people associate Coca-Cola with the red color.

Psychologists also suggest that specific colors have certain psychological effects. Older people prefer dull colors like blue and gray, while younger people prefer bright colors like red and blue. Therefore, when choosing a color for your Facebook ad, consider the demography you want to reach.

When using different colors, keep it simple. At most, you should go with one or two colors. Using more colors than that can overwhelm your customers. One of the most important elements of a Facebook ad is to be thoughtful and deliberate when using colors.

Target a Particular Location

When creating a Facebook ad, you don’t have to make your ad appeal to everyone. Instead, it can focus on a particular demographic or region. You can implement this in your design by using copy and images that speak to a specific demographic. When doing that, show that you understand the language of that demographic.

Optimize Your Ad for Mobile

According to statistics, most Facebook users access the site on their mobile phones. A common mistake brands make when creating Facebook ads is recycling their desktop ads for mobile. With so many people using Facebook for mobile, you should not ignore every tiny detail when creating your ad.

Therefore, to get the most out of your Facebook ad, you should ensure it is well-optimized for mobile devices. The most obvious way of creating mobile-first ads is by using vertical formats that optimize the image for mobile devices.

When optimizing for mobile, use ad types that can't be used on desktops, such as the 360 vertical ads. This means that viewers can see the different angles of the image by simply moving their phones.

Experiment With Split Testing

No matter how hard you try and the effort it will take to create your ad, you will find it hard to determine how your target audience will receive it. Your best bet is to split-test your ad to see the version that will work best for your Facebook advertising

For instance, you can create and publish two different versions of an ad copy to see the one that will outperform the other. This can guide you on your future ad creations and let you determine which ad copy you should stick with.

You can visit the Facebook Ad Manager to access the campaign you need to try. You can then tap on the A/B testing button. You can select the variables you want to test for, such as audience, placement, and creatives. Choose whether you want to test two duplicate campaigns or two separate campaigns.

Fill in a few details, such as the name of the test and the schedule. You can then specify how Facebook will determine which ad will perform better.

Include Humans

One fact about humans is that they attract other humans. If you want to catch your audience's attention, you must avoid using a lot of old and boring texts and product images such as officer supplies. Not only are such kinds of images not attractive, but they are also not engaging.  

If you want to make real connections with your audience, include images of real human beings. If possible, ensure that you are using happy people.

Use a Clear Call to Action

The right Facebook ad is usually clear about the action it wants the target audience to take. In this regard, we can categorize the ad action into two categories:

  • Driving engagement, such as liking a Facebook page.
  • Choose a direct action such as an app install, sales, or a lead.

It would be better if your ad could achieve both, but this doesn't always work. Therefore, a good idea is to include a CTA in your ad that follows this funnel.

  • Awareness. This aims to make your audience more aware of your brand. It involves simple actions such as boosting the number of your followers and email subscriptions.
  • Conversation. This stage aims to increase engagement, such as increasing comments, shares, and mentions.
  • Intent. You can now focus on making your audience take action, such as wanting to learn more or even downloading. 
  • Conversion. At this stage, you want them to take an action that contributes to your business growth. This can be in the form of adding a product to a cart, downloading an app, signing up for a subscription, requesting a sales demo, and more.

Keep Your Ad Simple

Sensory overload should be a big no when creating a Facebook ad strategy. You don’t want a situation where you have so many things going on in the image. Doing that will not only put off the viewer but can also make the message get lost easily. Keep the ad simple so your target audience can quickly grasp the message.

Keep Your Ads Humorous

The only reason why people come to Facebook is to be entertained, and there is no doubt that humor sells. You can easily catch their attention and draw them to your ad by tapping this content. This explains why brands often collaborate with comedians.

Final Thoughts

Facebook ads may look simple at first. After all, it's all about creating and publishing a copy or video on Facebook. However, this is not always the case, as Facebook can be a challenging platform for advertisers. Not only will you be competing against other brands for audience attention, but you will also be competing with their families and friends. 

After all, nobody will want to engage with your brand when they can see their childhood friend's wedding photos. If you want your ad to catch the attention of your target audience, you need to create a catchy ad. Not only should the ad be captivating enough to be shared, but it should have the correct dimensions and elements. By using our guide, you should be able to create a catchy ad that will easily convert. We recommend you also read our guide on using Facebook Messenger for business.