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Boost your Business with our Instagram Business Packages

Published on 17.02.2019 by James

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms that have over 700million monthly active users. It is also famous for a more engaged audience and less competition than other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. That is why currently, many businesses are choosing Instagram to market their products, and the paid service like socialwick.com is helping the business people to get more followers to their business so that they can have the interested and targeted audience easily without spending a lot of money on paid advertising. In 2018, the API of Instagram had changed to facilitate users to publish videos or photos to an IBP (Instagram Business Profile) using services like Socialwick and making it convenient for brands to get benefits from Instagram. Here you can find some simple and helpful tips on boosting your business using Instagram, whether you are a newcomer or if you need an update to this social media network.

Show what you do innovatively

To get more followers to your Instagram page, you have to concentrate on the solution you offer instead of the products or services you sell. It is essential to include value to customers on Instagram and look confident while you do it. Never underrate that the visual content is a crucial asset and defeat on this social media network. If you do a service-oriented business, then concentrate on demonstrating your service process. Show the audience your company ethnicity, share a few how-tos and tips, and share your goals and mission with your customers. It is possible to upload short videos, photos, and videos (one minute in length).

Try Instagram Stories

You can try Instagram stories in a slideshow format that stays online for 24hrs, and these slides can be saved on your computer to use it for later. The Instagram stories are a new feature, and it is considered a direct competitor to Snapchat's Stories. This feature is developed by Instagram to benefit by using Instagram stories for services, brands, and products.

The Instagram stories are notably displayed at the top of the follower's timeline that is located under the Instagram logo. It can be used to confine surreptitiously content that does not need high-quality, like regular posts. It also makes it simple to try dissimilar content types, including a short video, a photo, a video filmed backward, Boomerang, and live video.

You can also use Instagram stories to tag other accounts like @instagram in Stories is perfect for influencer marketing and collaborators. You can include fun additions such as text, face filters, and stickers, and it allows you to edit images on-the-move.

Socialwicks probably do a lot of things, and it even can offer more solutions. The service will help you focus on your business efficiently. Instagram has also started IB (Instagram Business) paid services and profiles. The business profile includes a phone number for your bio. It allows you to use extensive analytics data that is not accessible unless you use a social media tool.