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Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Knowledge

Published on 18.05.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Unlike what many think, Instagram isn't only for viewing photos of your family, friends, and favorite celebrities. In the endless scrolling on the social media platform, there are resourceful accounts that decimate lots of helpful knowledge. 

Whether you want to learn a skill such as cooking, mowing a lawn, or even baking, Instagram has such knowledge. If you are searching for an Instagram account to follow for knowledge, we have rounded up some of the top options. These accounts will provide you with essential knowledge and a preview of the latest Instagram marketing trends.

How You Can Use Instagram

Before we share the best Instagram accounts to follow for knowledge, let's look at some of the ways you can use instagram.

  • Catching up with family and friends. This is the main reason why many people are on Instagram. They want to see their close friends' pictures and share theirs. If you like making friends, Instagram can be an invaluable tool that will enable you to do that.
  • Marketing products or services. Many brands join Instagram to promote their products and services. With the right Instagram marketing tips, the platform can give a lot of visibility to your posts.
  • Learning. Instead of using Instagram as a distraction, you can use it as an educational asset. In this article, we will focus on using Instagram for learning.

How to Find Education Accounts to Follow on Instagram

If you want to learn something on Instagram, you need to find accounts that share the knowledge you seek. Depending on the kind of information you are searching for, this may be more challenging than it sounds. With so many people and organizations on Instagram, it's difficult to find the information you are searching for. Fortunately, there are ways to help you find educational content on Instagram. These are:

Explore Feature

Instagram uses the Explore Feature to suggest videos and images it believes you would be interested in based on different factors such as popularity, your location, and posts you have previously liked. If you are searching for good education accounts to follow and do want to give your contacts to Instagram, this is a good option you can consider using.

To use the Explore Feature, go to the homepage of your instagram account. You will see a small magnifying glass that you should click on at the bottom row. This will provide you with a lot of accounts that you can follow.

By tapping at the top bar of the Explore Feature, you can search for a specific account you would like to follow or explore further using different options such as:

  • Person icon. This icon shows the people Instagram thinks you may be interested in such as celebrities, or anything else in your locality.
  • Hashtag icon. This helps you find the topics you would like to see. If you are searching for educational content, you just need to use this feature. Many Instagram content creators use hashtags to help people easily discover their content. As with accounts, you can search for specific hashtags you want to follow. When you use this feature, Instagram will suggest additional hashtags to help you find more of what you are searching for.
  • Map Pin icon.  If you want to find something based on location, this icon will help you do that. By default, Instagram will show you the posts closest to your location.

Best Educational Instagram Accounts to Follow

To help you get started on finding some good Instagram accounts to follow for educational content, here are our top recommendations.

Science and Discovery

In the Instagram world, some accounts bring the wonders of science and discovery to life. With these accounts, you can see images of galleries, little-known sea creatures, and other marvels of nature. These accounts provide an unmatched view of the science world and help you understand complex scientific facts. Here are our top choices of accounts to follow in his category:


This account has 86M followers, a testament to its popularity and the value it offers to followers. From providing a direct feed of the Milky Way to the sun’s solar activity, this account provides such awe-inspiring content. With every post you see on this account, you will be amazed by how small the world can feel. Their pinned posts will also provide essential insights on how to pin a post on Instagram.


If you need to be mesmerized by the beauty of our natural world, the NatGeo Instagram account will enable you to feel that. With its content styled as a documentary, it will provide unmatched biological and geographical scientific knowledge you will not find anywhere else. The account is filled with fascinating studies and discoveries you will love.


As the name suggests, this account celebrates the achievements of different female scientists. The women share their career journeys, achievements, and accomplishments in a field that had previously been dominated by men. It features different professionals in the field of science such as marine biologists and biochemists. This can be an excellent account for girls interested in STEM subjects.


Cern is the biggest physical particle factory, and its Instagram account provides a good preview of what is happening there. Following this account will amaze you with its inspiring science subject. You can also find their podcasts that will provide you with extranuclear knowledge.


Abby Harrison is a biochemist who runs this Instagram account. She shares some short explainer videos that will leave you inspired. Besides, you can follow her story as she seeks to become the first female astronaut to go to Mars. She also runs the Mars Generation which inspires adults and kids to join the STEM world, an initiative that got her a place in the Forbes list of top 30 under 30 women.

Technology & Innovation

If there is something that has helped to reshape our world, it's technology. With technological advancements changing quickly, following Instagram accounts will keep you updated. The pages will provide insights into the latest emerging and cutting-edge technologies. Here are our top recommendations for such Instagram accounts:

Delia or Tech Unicorn

If you want technological tips, you can follow a digital nomad named Delia, a Google Engineer during the day. When not working from her office, she works remotely. She also offers tips on website building, why you should learn coding, and more.

Marques Brownlee

If you want to find the latest tech tools and gadgets, follow Marques. The tech guru researches and shares the hottest gadgets and news in the tech space. He shares different types of content such as product reviews, information videos, and interviews with tech industry heavyweights.

Judna Auder

Another creator in the technology niche but video sub-niche is Judna. He shares different types of gaming devices ranging from vintage gaming devices to the latest robotic inventions with his over 300k followers. However, he also shares other tech topics and products.

Mental Health

In today’s stressful world, there has never been a bigger need for mental health knowledge than today. Fortunately, Instagram offers different accounts that share knowledge in this important niche. From helping you cope with depression to personal growth and mindfulness, these channels offer great insights into the niche. Some of our top channel recommendations are:

Nedra Glover Tawwab

As a licensed therapist and a New York best seller, Nedra handles a wide range of mental health issues such as healthy communication, relationships, and boundaries. By following her Instagram account, you can learn many essential tips such as behavior change, self-improvement, reflections on mental health, and more. 

If you seek knowledge in this space, her posts will provide a thought-provoking angle of life and will help you become a better person. Besides,her account will provide you with essential tips on Instagram influencer marketing.

Psychology Today

Dr. Nicholas Charnley started The Psychology Magazine in 1976 to take psychology to the people. His blog and website define him as the biggest mental health and behavior destination. The goal is to help users get help with their mental health issues. The site also has an Instagram account sharing snippets of mental health information. 

Dr. Nicole Lepera

If you are looking at an Instagram page that will help you focus on your growth, Dr. Nicole will help you do that. She shares content on avoiding unhealthy behaviors and internalizing thought processes. The best part is that she shares the posts in a simple, easy-to-understand way to help you internalize them. While it takes time to unlearn things, her content will help you become a better version of yourself.

Final Thoughts

In this information age when we have so much information, there has never been a better time to get accurate information. The first step towards doing that is to get information from reputable Instagram profiles.

If you want to gain knowledge on Instagram in science, technology, or mental health, you should follow one of the above accounts. You will find a wealth of information that will take your knowledge to the next level. We also recommend you check out our guide on  Instagram trends.