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Marketing trends that will rock Instagram in 2021

Published on 08.04.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

2020 was tough, right? 



After so many lockdowns, time to be spent at home without friends and a social environment. It was terrific, to be honest, and in most cases, people used smartphones more. That's why app giants like Facebook, IG and TikTok became more trendy last year. Let's focus more on Instagram and why this application is an immense success in promoting products/services. Today we will share with you the latest trends on Instagram that can dominate 2021. 


Instagram SEO - new trend

Instagram started looking more at the search engine algorithm. Look at Instagram as an engine of millions of posts (images, videos, reels, etc.). There is an explore page and many other functions that allow IG users to find new influencers or favourite creators. How to use this chance and promote your products/services via the exploring page? It's all about SEO. It's a term and simply stands for "search engine optimization". If we look at the IG as an engine, then SEO will be vital because we have to optimize posts (images, videos, etc.) for better reach. 

When you post a video or image, always add a description. Keep in mind that the text has to be short but very informative. Start with the emoji (that can evolve into the emotion) and very eye-catching 2-3 words that sink into the random IG user's mind. Then let the users know that they need to scroll down to read more about the image/video. Even opening the whole text on IG will boost your post (because an algorithm understands that people want to scroll down to know more about the post). The text has to be very short but informative so that the users won't be disappointed. If the user is disappointed by the text, you may get a report, which's a terrible consequence. 



Focus more on Instagram stories

Marketers underestimate the power of Instagram stories. It's still very strange to us because "Stories' hold considerable power and influence. First of all, the premise of the 'stories' functions itself is very addictive. Instagram users know that they have only 24 hours until the 'story' is deleted. So, they have 'urgency' to open the story as soon as possible. Instagram itself gives marketers a chance to create 'urgency' in potential buyers. So, as you look at IG users as "potential buyers", then stories could be used in a better way. (big influencers on IG (like @Cristiano) are using "stories" feature every day)