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Instagram Marketing done right Tight Budget Edition

Published on 29.06.2019 by Julia

Whether you have a marketing team or doing business want to expand your customers reach - Instagram is always a better idea. Over the years, Instagram has evolved with the digital world, and as of now, it's the most significant trending spot for everyone. Every social network has different meaning and place in digital space, and Instagram is on top of them in terms of trend and e-commerce. 

If you are tight on a budget (most cases), we would love to give you a small blog post on Instagram marketing strategy. 

Manual Outreach

When you don't have a big budget, everything turns around the manual things. So, everything we are going to advise you here will be focused on manual work. First of all, we should admit that our whole strategy is based on influencer's market as you need results right away. 

Before you head to influencers search, start with optimizing your profile. 

Optimizing Instagram

It's no secret that success Instagram accounts are "Business" type of accounts. So, don't hesitate - switch from regular to a business account as it will be our primary weapon. 

Instagram gives data only to business accounts. Our primary tool will be the influencers market and data that we have from Instagram itself. 

Profile Picture

Profile picture has a significant influence on people. If an Instagram user visits your profile and stumbles upon the unattractive picture, they will leave right away. Create a logo for your services/business and add it as a profile picture. If you have a serious approach to Instagram, results will be the same.


Content should be niche based. Don't copy and paste your competitor's posts. It's a big fail, and people won't be happy. Start creating your content. Use different smartphone apps such as "Canvas" and "Phonto". You can edit and change photos, make them more attractive, etc. Keep in mind that Instagram has its effects, and you can make a picture more likable with those effects as well.

Choosing Influencers

What's your niche? Find the relevant hashtags into your niche. Search relevant hashtags through the search bar. Don't go for "Most Recent post," stop by "Top posts" and check each profile. There will be nine results as the top so that it won't take too much time. 

Create word document and start tracking. From those 9 accounts, you will find minimum 2-3 influencers. In most cases, Influencers posts get on top positions. Track everything - number of followers, number of followings, number of likes - Data is vital because we need to find most relevant from those.

Do the same process with different hashtag until you find 100 influencers coincided with your demand. Don't forget to look at the engagement rate. It must be a minimum of 2%. 

Now we have 100 reputable accounts ready to outreach and ask for shoutout price manually. At first, we can ask them for free help and give 50-60% of our sales. It's up to you, choose the approach that's profitable for you.