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How to optimize your YouTube channel in 2020

Published on 02.09.2020 by Natia

YouTube optimization will make your channel search-friendly. As you know, Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google. That means, your optimized video presence is highly beneficial for your SERP Ranking. YouTube appreciates quality content. It ranks videos according to a machine-learning algorithm with a few ranking factors, like Number of Subscribers, Watch Time, Video Length, and User Interaction.

Keyword in Your Channel Name

Instead of using only the company name, you'd better also put a Keyword in your channel name. Try "Company Name: Keyword". This keyword, along with your Brand Name, will help searchers to define your brand. Through this mechanism, users come across your channel organically.

About Us Page

Many YouTubers do not utilize this piece of digital wealth. Some of them are just unsure how to advance towards their About Us pages.  Actually, it is the greatest opportunity to describe your channel and inform the audience what type of videos you usually produce. Insert a few keywords in your About Us text to also help optimize the page further for search.

Noteworthy, only the first 48 characters of your About Us Page is shown in the results of the YouTube search. Site users need it to understand who you are, and YouTube needs it to provide the best snippet of your content.

Channel Trailer

Trailer is the visual About Us that introduces your channel and gets visitors to Subscribe. Typically, they are 30-60 seconds and include the brand's introduction, in a short and quick way, to hook the viewer within a few seconds at the beginning. In the trailer, you should ask viewers, both vocally and textually, to Subscribe your Channel.