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Facebook trends to watch 2021 Affiliates guide to new world

Published on 06.04.2021 by Nika Kiradze

Affiliate marketers are constantly adapting to new ‘standards”. In this post, you’ll learn more about the Facebook trends that every affiliate marketer has to look after. Never underestimate the power of “trend”. Every time you miss a chance to hop onto the “trend” wagon, you are losing thousands of dollars. This mini-guideline is for you performance marketers. 


Drum rolls, please!



Find new GEOs for Facebook target and affiliate offers

It’s not a surprise that Facebook AD prices rise every year. Especially the time when corona hit the world, everything changed. The whole offline business ecosystem started investing money into the online world. After that period, prices in tier-1 countries increased, and now every newbie/medium-level performance marketer has to fight against giant companies for cheap traffic. In this case, you will find it very hard to get cheap clicks from tier-1 countries. The time is long gone when you could target the USA, CAN and EU top-tier countries with affordable ADs (for instance, $5 ad-sets were working as a fire 4-5 years ago). Now you’ve to think about tier-2 or even tier-3 countries. There are many local affiliate networks. 


Check the image below - as you see, offer is "blurred" and it's approved in tier-2 & tier-3 countries. Look for the offers that approve tier-2 & tier-3 countries - those offers are real winners in 2021. 


First of all, you need to identify your favourite tier-2/tier-3 country. After choosing a particular country (it could be your native or “close to you” country):

  1. Start in-depth research about the local affiliate networks.

  2. Get in touch with those affiliate managers and ask for the best converting offers at that current moment.

  3. Get a minimum of 5 offers and start driving cheap traffic to those offers.

Targeting tier-2 country traffic with local offers is a new trend that the six-figure affiliate marketers are not talking about.


Rise of Facebook Group ADs

Facebook killed the organic reach of Facebook groups back in 2015. It was a real purge for people who managed to grow Facebook groups in particular niches with excellent work. They invested lots of time and money to build communities, and Facebook killed organic reach. It means that people don’t get automatic notification from favourite groups unless they go to the “setting” options and give permission for it. As of now, Facebook management replaced the organic reach of groups with very targeted ads. In this case, affiliate marketers have a big chance to get more targeted traffic from Facebook. Facebook groups are perfect with the niche-down offers. If you are in the Fitness niche, then get offers related to particular body parts. Let’s take “thigh workouts” as an example. Get affiliate landing pages and offers from companies like “BeachBody” and promote their “thigh workouts” through Facebook groups. In this case, it will be easy for you to run Facebook group ADs rather than focusing on “already reduced” organic reach