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Definitive guide to SEO in 2021 Part I

Published on 17.01.2021 by Mike

Today is the day when you learn SEO from scratch. With our guideline, you'll understand every little SEO aspect in 2021. Last year was challenging not only for offline businesses but also for people who were hit by the significant algorithm updates of Google. In this guideline (that comes in different parts) we will go through every vital part of the SEO to keep up with the updates of Algorithm in 2021.

SEO consists of many parts. You can't be the top-notch expert in every part of SEO, but it's essential to understand each vital aspect clearly. First of all, everyone starts SEO with the keyword research. If you make it right, then half of the work is done. Search engine optimization continues with the on-page part. In this case, you have to take care of installing a content management system (CMS), optimize the design (it could be WordPress, Joomla or another type of CMS) and finish with the technical aspect of the website. The third part of SEO includes link building. Google algorithm updates note that links have to be acquired naturally. So, it's always believed that big brands (like Buzzfeed, Forbes, NY Times, etc.) would still get more affection from Google because they get links naturally (by getting thousands of shares on social networks and naturally being mentioned in the regular blog posts).

Keyword Research: Search engine optimization starts here.

We will go through the first part of the search engine optimization in this part. Keyword research is a vital part and often underestimated. What should you know about keyword research? Why is it essential to do proper keyword research? Can you learn the market by doing research? Well, in the next few passages, you'll understand everything about the 'keyword universe'. (check the image below - Google itself even offers keyword suggestions)

Keyword research basics

Keyword research is simply the process when you find the words, terms and phrases. Those are called 'keywords' and Google, Bing, YouTube and other search engines are based on those keywords. Without keywords, search engines can't work correctly. That's why even Google and YouTube always suggest that you focus on more search phrases. In other words, keyword research is the 'market research' in 2021. That's why you need to focus more on keyword research. If you find a niche or sub-niche with less competition, you are halfway at the top of Google/YouTube.

Let's take an example of bad and good keywords (a.k.a market research). When you start working on a new project, please start with the main ideas. Here is the list of the top industries to focus your focus in 2021

  • Smart home

  • Tools for garden

  • Beauty and health

  • Investing and financing 

  • Electronics and computers

For our research, let's take a look into the particular industry. Let's start working keyword research in this space - smart home and accessories. You can find lots of smart home products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Many brands try to make a name in this space, so it's hard to find those names while Googling. 

If we search for 'smart doorbell' on Ahrefs, we will see that keyword is not easy to tap into. Don't be discouraged by this fact. First of all, we have a chance to find the top 10 websites that rank for this keyword (check the image below - here are the top 10 websites ranking for our desired keyword).

As you see, our desired keyword is very competitive. Those websites are brands, big brands that got trust from people - so it will be hard to compete. You see NY Times, Amazon, Home Depot and PCMAG. What should we do in this case? Everything leads to focusing on another approach - let's search for keywords with the same phrase as our desired keyword. (Check the image below - you see that there are thousands of keywords that have the exact phrase we are looking for).

If you take a close look at the image, you'll see that we have bolded the following keyword - "smart doorbell and lock."

Hope you don't think that we find those kinds of keywords out of the blue. You have to do the manual work - go and check every single keyword, no matter what. Maybe the keyword has only 100 searches per month? It's worth it because you may find a phrase connected with that keyword and deliver 1000 more targeted Google users. After checking each keyword manually, we have come up with one particular keyword - 'smart doorbell and lock' - Now let's check the top 10 websites ranking for this keyword. (check the image below - you see top 10 competitors)

We know that you are impressed now because of the results. You see that a website with only domain rating 4 and only 20 referring domains is ranking the top for a particular keyword. Yes, that's a winning keyword, we are on the right track.

Learning from a winner

Now it's time to find more keywords in the 'smart home' niche after getting one straightforward and successful search phrase. We call it 'learning from a winner' and let's do this in practice. A ranking for our desired keyword has only domain rating 4. 

If the website is not robust and is ranking for keywords as the top result, then it means that keywords are easy to target. So, anyone can enter the competition and dominate the market. Now, let's search for keywords that particular website is ranking as the top result - those keywords are easy to target indeed (check the image below - you'll see keywords that are easy to target in the smart home market)

Voilà - our research has come to an end. We have finished the little research (that may take up to 10 minutes) with a successful project. We found a sub-niche in smart home space that can be dominated without significant effort.