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How To Make Money On Instagram

Published on 16.02.2023 by Maiko Maisadze

People, whether young or old, are making massive moves and achieving their financial goals on social media. The turning point for most people is the moment one of their posts goes viral. After that, you are launched into the limelight, your audience increases, and your influence is tested. Instagram, like every social media platform, can put you in front of people who are interested in your content with just one post. Maintaining the spotlight and taking advantage of the opportunity is on you though.

Frankly, you should not just use social media to communicate with and follow people. You can make legit money if you know what to do and when to take action. We are going into in-depth Instagram money making strategy analysis to help you understand how to navigate Instagram to increase your net worth. Ready? Let's get into it.

You can make money on Instagram by creating good content, influencing, offering services or products, and doing Instagram promotions. 

Content Creation

Creating content is the basis of everything else on Instagram. Successful people get creative with their content to suit their personalities, fit their audience, and hit goals. It is not easy to make money on Instagram, evidenced by the number of Instagram users not making a dime from their accounts. You have to put in the work and be consistent to be successful on Instagram. However, some tools can help accelerate your post reach. 

Niching Down on Instagram

You cannot go about posting baseless content and expect growth on your profile. An account that posts about everything is not attractive to would-be followers. Having a niche positions you as an expert and enables prospects to get an idea of what you do after a quick preview of your posts. You should also note that, contrary to popular opinion, any niche can succeed on Instagram. It all depends on creativity, engagement, and consistency. 

Social Media Strategy

One of the best pieces of advice you will get from this article is that you should have a strategy before going on Instagram. Social media strategy is like a map, plan, and guide that control your activities on Instagram. While drawing out a strategy, be sure to include the detailed purpose of your brand, planned activities and target audience. A good strategy helps you to stay focused on your goals and plan your next moves.



Instagram tools

Organic growth is good, but if you want to speed up your growth and reach, some tools will boost your activities. Those tools include Instagram business accounts, Instagram reels, highlights, insights, and many more.

Instagram business accounts rank your brand and put it on the faces of prospective followers. They do this by offering varyingly helpful services like promoted posts and ads. You have to use reels so that your account will appear on the Discover page of Instagram. Unlike stories, reels last longer than 24 hours. Reels are important to keep old but important information on your page. 

Optimizing your profile/bio

Can you remember the last time you met a new person? What you thought of them and your initial conclusions about them? Your profile is your first impression. It is what comes up when people search for you. The profile is your first opportunity to attract, hook, and gain followers. An optimized bio has a simple, easy-to-remember username with a concise and explanatory bio and a professional profile picture.

Quality posts

Now to the most important part of your account which is posts. If you utilize the information above, you will already have ideas about the kinds of posts that will interest your intended customers. Genuine and original content with quality graphics (videos or pictures) and relevant hashtags and tags is an ideal quality post. 

To be consistent, you can follow brands that are in the same niche as you and create content for days when you may experience creative block. This act ensures that your brand stays in the minds of your followers even when you take a break from creating content. 

Timeline and re-strategizing 

What's to say that you will get it right when you initially start using Instagram?

The possibility that you may make a mistake is why you must have a timeline for executing your Instagram strategy. With a reasonable timeframe in mind, you can spread out your posts and reels and then monitor them closely to see what's working and what needs to be changed.

If your content is not getting enough engagement, then you know that it is time to re-strategize. This way, you are saving time, and energy and focusing on what you can do better. 

Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Influencers have the power to affect the buying habits of people through sponsored posts. It is important to note that influencers must first establish credibility and build large followings. 

It seems like actors and other big names are the ones influencing marketing, but this is not so. It only seems that way because their past and current posts solidify their credibility.  It should be noted that a large number of followers do not equal influencing power. Influencing power has to do with a deep connection with your followers. 

For example, compare a tailor and a comedian, they both have years of experience and lots of posts and engagement on content around their niche. Who would be a good candidate to influence their followers to buy a brand of sewing machine? Definitely the tailor, this is because she has credibility in the aspect needed.

Another important tip when influencing is content. Yeah, we have discussed content, but there are things you should take note of if you want to go into the Instagram-influencing business:

  • Good copywriting skills; you need to know how to sell without selling.
  • Captions and tags; use catchy captions and tag relevant accounts.
  • Clear and quality graphics; the product you are advertising should be visible in all pictures and videos
  • Creative and consistent posts; be sure to post original and creative content to keep followers hooked and get them to buy from your brand.

Accounts with fewer followers can also be influencers for brands. They may not be paid in currency but instead in the products of the brand. Influencer marketing is a sure way to make money on Instagram, but it has two major disadvantages for the brand and yourself. Fake influence for the brand and loss of integrity for you.

Fake Influencing

This happens when influencers build accounts with fake followers (followers with bots) and engagements. According to a publication by Forbes, "There is talk of 83% growth in a so-called industry built on false metrics, trivial and absurd premises, and distorted mechanisms". Fake influence hurts real brands and businesses. You should build authentic followers and engagements before influencing followers.

Loss of Integrity

Do not make the mistake of assuming that you will not be affected if a brand that you recommended doesn't perform. Well, you will be affected. This is because your integrity is on the line for every business that you promote. 

In the case of a popular influencer for a property company, many of their unsatisfied customers started tagging her and calling her out for a disservice to the property brand. That is the power of influencing, you have to vouch for any brand before you influence it. It is not nice to lose the authenticity and trust of your followers because of a brand. 

Offering Services And selling Products on Instagram

This is the most common way people make money on Instagram. You would think it was easy to sell on Instagram, but it's not. Many users have complained of having little to no sales on Instagram. There are many reasons why you may not be able to profit from your Instagram business, including lack of credibility, lack of engagement, and lack of customer interaction. 

Credibility; This simply means establishing yourself as an expert in your field. If you have been selling and offering your services before coming to Instagram, you should make content with your product or past work. If you do not have pictures, you can do free work until you have enough to boost your credibility on Instagram.

Engagement: Imagine having only 2% of your followers engage with your post. To intending followers, it means they are not interested in your products, and frankly, it discourages them. To boost engagement, you should respond to comments on your posts. Also, if your post doesn't read the faces of your customers, they won't engage. To help, use Instagram reels and maybe pay for promotion. 

Interaction: This involves how fast you respond to DMs and check up on your customers. Good customer interaction is a prerequisite to building a solid customer retention strategy. Also, attend to inquiries and DMs with respect, directness, and tact. When you get tagged in posts, be sure to respond. 

To properly utilize your Instagram account for making money, use highlights for reviews, testimonials, price lists, available goods, and many more. 


Your business is your baby, guide it with all you have. Do not allow anyone to damage the reputation of your brand. Respond to false claims and fake news by debunking them immediately. 

Now that you know how to go about your products and services on Instagram, how do you know what to sell? 

There is quite a wide range of products to sell or services to render, you just have to do your best. That means that you should sell products and render services that you are confident in. If you want to make money, regardless of the method you choose, you need content.

With this article, you are equipped with what you need to start making money on Instagram. The bulk of the work is on you to consistently take advantage of the opportunities that the platform brings.

Good luck on your journey to making massive profits on Instagram!