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Three ways to write shareable content for our Facebook pages

Published on 14.05.2020 by Natia

As you know, the growth speed of our business depends on how many people read, listen, or watch our content. That’s why it is vitally important to build an audience. And, creating highly shareable content is the shortest way to do so.

Content should be relevant and interesting.

It is logical that more people will want to share your content if they think that it will make them look smarter. For that, your posts need to be both meaningful and fascinating.

Choose topics that your audience cares about. Then provide the information in some interesting way. Pay the biggest attention to the headlines and images. It is weird, but some people share content based on these two things without even reading the whole text.


Ask for more shares

If you want more shares, you should ask for them. It’s always a good idea to provide your desires to your audience clearly.

Since you make sure that your content is valuable and worth to be shared by your audience, let them know what you are expecting from them.


Read comments

You will find many content ideas in the comments section. Moreover, you will find out what kind of content your audience is expecting from you.

If there are not enough comments on your content yet, find other blogs in the same industry, and read comments on their content. Write down all ideas and start implementing them in the way the audience has indicated you