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TikTok starts with 30 minute videos and gets closer to YouTube

Published on 29.01.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

TikTok is making a bold push to challenge YouTube's dominance. In a surprising departure from its trademark short-form content, the company is currently in the midst of testing a feature that enables users to upload videos lasting up to 30 minutes. The discovery was made by social media strategists within the iOS beta edition of the app in the United Kingdom, and there are reports suggesting this feature may also be emerging in the Android beta version.


From short form to long-videos

While TikTok initially gained fame for its concise short-form videos, it's been gradually shifting towards embracing extended content. If this expanded upload limit becomes widely available, TikTok will have traversed a considerable distance from its original 15-second video constraint. After incrementally extending the duration to a minute, then three minutes, and later 10 minutes, TikTok recently ventured into testing a 15-minute video upload capability.

This strategic evolution places TikTok squarely in the realm of direct rivalry with YouTube. The maneuver signals TikTok's ambition to lure creators of more extensive video content who typically gravitate towards YouTube.


Competition between YouTube and TikTok

TikTok and YouTube have transcended their traditional boundaries. TikTok, once synonymous with bite-sized videos, and YouTube, the haven for long-form content, now intersect as TikTok embraces extended video formats, while YouTube introduces Shorts, catering to shorter attention spans.

The extended time limit promises creators enhanced freedom and versatility, enabling them to delve deeper into sharing diverse content such as intricate cooking recipes, in-depth beauty tutorials, educational masterpieces, and elaborate comedy sketches. Nevertheless, the new 30-minute threshold unveils a previously uncharted territory - the potential to upload complete TV show episodes.