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Top Reasons Why Your Instagram Ads Are not Reaping Good Results

Published on 23.11.2020 by Ice Geek

Social media channels offer a paid marketing platform where marketers can create a campaign, ad groups, and ad copies to promote their business. The selected social channel charges for the ads they run based on impressions, clicks, and selection of the target audience. The important factor to ponder is that the algorithms of these channels keep updating from time to time.

This leaves your ads with a probability to get disapproved or might not reap commercial benefits as expected. The same happens with Instagram. Though it's a part of Facebook the algorithm on which they run is different from each other. With high competition among social channels for paid marketing and changing algorithms, many businesses find their Instagram ads not delivering results.  

There are certain tools available to boost Instagram views and get Instagram followers instantly. They're used to highlight business profile visits. However, when paid ads are concerned, it has to follow certain guidelines before approval to run on the social channels. Here're some of the reasons why your Instagram business ads are not delivering expected results.

Treating It As Same As Like Any Other Channel:

If you're treating the channel like a radio or TV having promotional content, It will irritate the users. It is a platform to showcase your creativity. Do not use too much text on posts. Keep captions short and concise. Don't always stick to a promotional tone. Use video ads. They get excellent engagement.

You Are Lost In The Social World

Instagram ads must have a business goal. Without a goal-centric ad, you will be lost in the arena. Specify & formulate your goals and then consider framing your visual content.  Ask certain questions to your mind before advertising.

  • What do you want from your Instagram Ad? What goals have you set?
  • Will you reach the needy customers?
  • Do you want traffic or sales? Is it measurable?
  • What is the time span of the ad?
  • Is there any CTA for the users on the Ad?

Your Ads Don’t Convey A Story:

Simple promotional ads with “BUY THIS” flag won’t work. The posts should contain relevant information, a certain flow in the story without r very less promotion. You can create an ad around answering a question, or any tips/DIY video. These types of posts fetch high user engagement.

You Don’t Reward Users:

Reward your users with discounts, freebies, or a referral code. Give them a reason to stop by your Ad. This will keep social engagement on for your campaign

You Aren’t Leveraging Influencers:

Influencers are those who have a vast audience base and unbelievable engagement metrics on their profile. They influence their fans with their speech. To boost your advertising effort, you can find a small group of influencers who can promote your brand to a large audience.

It creates brand visibility and boosts awareness in millions of users. Practice influence partnership with excellent user-generated content.

Try these changes and reset you marketing goals. Boost your Ads get what you wanted from these ads.