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Three simple ways to get free YouTube subscribers

Published on 06.05.2020 by Natia

Everyone wants to have a considerable amount of subscribers on their YouTube channels without too much effort. If you are reading this blog, so you are among them.

First of all, you should remember that Top channels are spending their time on high-quality videos, instead of wasting their money on bot-subscribers. For real views, likes, and comments, you definitely need real subscribers, i.e., viewers who are really interested in your content and who can be engaged when you upload your new videos.

With the following tips you can easily ger YouTube subscribers for free with minimal effort:

Remind your Audience to Subscribe your Channel

Most of your viewers usually need to be reminded to do such things. You should ask them to press the SUBSCRIBE button and demonstrate why you worth it.

Make sure that you are doing that at the moment when your viewers are most excited about the content of your video—E.g. after providing them very needed information or making them laugh. But don’t do it too often. It must not be annoying.


Brand all your Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first step. They can convince potential viewers to click on your videos. Along with the appropriate title, an eye-catching thumbnail design may get more viewers and then convert them into subscribers.

You should brand your Thumbnails consistently with the same font and color. In this way, your audience will start to recognize your videos.


Bring your audience from Social Networks.

If you have some fan community on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can simply encourage people to check out your new channel on YouTube. Put your YouTube Channel link in your IG or Twitter Bio as well.

Cross-posting and cross-promoting among your social media sources will boost your popularity and number of subscribers sooner than you think.