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Youtube Video marketing at its best

Published on 19.07.2019 by James

Since 2010, video marketing became a trend. Every young lad wants to start vlogging and earn money in that way. Keep in mind that Vlogging is not just an easy way to win - it's more than that. Do you know that Will Smith is also vlogging? There are lots of actors and singers who vlog their daily life. In the end, it’s not only about the vlogging; video marketing is changing the industry.

In 2019, Video marketing has changed a lot. Still, YouTube is the most significant player, but Facebook (Videos) and Instagram (IGTV) are making some changes. Today we would love to focus on YouTube and going to give you industry secrets on how to become top in video marketing.

How to get views on YouTube

Everything comes to one thing - views. Views can attract more subscribers and likes. Down below, we have listed top tips on how to get views on YouTube.

1. Adding Quality Content in your niche

What's your niche? It's essential to choose a niche first. Before you head to creating a YouTube channel, choose an industry. As you are ready and sure about your niche, go for it. 

Take a look at the top 10 players in that niche. List down those accounts and take a close eye on their accounts every day. Understand what are they posting, and when they post it. Don't be an exact copy cat but take inspiration from those accounts.

Quality content means a lot. Your videos should be associated with the main problems of niche. 

2. Posting content frequently. 

There are lots of videos on YouTube that got a million views, but those accounts are not popular today. Why is it so? Some of YouTube start and leave work in the middle. Don't be like them - you have a chance to get viral, and it's easy in 2019. 

Pro tips about frequency - You should post videos daily or weekly. Most YouTubers post vlogs daily. Keep in mind that you can post videos (not vlogs) every day at a specific time. YouTube gives you access to data, and that's the key to success. 

Take a look at data. There you will have information about demographics and times when they watch it. Try to understand which Video got more views and why. Maybe it's because of a specific time or video length? Key to YouTube success is in data.

3. Create a startup with Subscribers and views

With the help of Social Wick, you can have a shortcut to success. Social Wick gives you the chance to access panel where you can buy YouTube services.

When you want to take off from the ground, you need startup features. When a stranger checks onto your video, they look at subscribers numbers and views. If you are not legit, then they leave right away. That's why you should buy subscribers and views from Social Wick. Getting 1000 Subscribers and 1000 views at first would be a perfect start.