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How to Make Money on Facebook By Liking and Commenting

Published on 05.04.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Facebook, a platform on social media, has carved a niche for itself as the biggest all over the world. It boasts active monthly users of three billion. This means that it is a popular social media site and provides many the opportunity to earn. There are different ways you can make money on Facebook. One of these is through liking and commenting on Facebook posts.

This article will guide you on how to make money on Facebook, including liking and commenting on posts. Before we explore how to earn through liking and commenting, let us look at the well-known methods of earning money on Facebook.

Facebook Monetization Program

Facebook has a program that allows creators to make money by running ads on their video content. However, to earn money through this method, you must meet the Facebook monetization requirement, which includes:

  • Creating original content.
  • Residing in an eligible country.
  • Meeting the required monetization standards.

It's worth noting that Facebook has different monetization methods, and the specific requirements will depend on the exact method. However, generally, Facebook has a higher entry barrier than other platforms such as YouTube or TikTok.

Preparing for Facebook Monetization

To increase your chances of getting monetized on Facebook, you need to begin preparing in advance. The first step should be to decide whether you want to monetize your channel or create a separate page to monetize. It's advisable to create a separate page to differentiate the account from your business account. When preparing for monetization, you also need to:

  • Check Facebook trends. What kinds of content are people creating, and are they receiving lots of traffic? You can use Google Trends to determine what is working and what isn't.
  • Understand your potential audience. You can look at the Facebook audience data to get a snapshot of your readers.
  • Create a posting plan. If you want to make considerable income on Facebook, you should have a plan for posting content. Remember that creating viral content requires skills. You should also create unique content that differentiates itself from many other posts.

How to Determine If You Are Eligible for Facebook Monetization

Here are the steps to determine if your Facebook page is ready for monetization: 

  • Go to the YouTube Creator Studio. This is where you will not only upload content but keep up to date with the performance of your videos.
  • Homepage. On the right-hand side, you will see a column labeled monetization. Tap on the Overview tab to determine the kind of monetization you are already approved for. Take note that you should be at least 18 to monetize your videos.
  • Setting up monetization. After you have confirmed your details are correct, you can now click on set up monetization. You will get an email from Facebook for creators.

Types of Facebook Monetization Methods and Their Requirements

Here are the different Facebook monetization methods and their requirements:

In-stream Ads

As the biggest Facebook monetization method, this is the most difficult to achieve. It has several requirements, such as:

  • Have a minimum of 10,000 followers.
  • Meet the Facebook monetization guidelines.
  • Have created at least five new videos in the last 90 days, lasting more than a minute. You should also have at least 600,000 minutes of views in the last 90 days. If you want to monetize live videos, you should have at least 60,000 of those minutes come from live videos and have posted at least three live videos.

You can check Facebook insights to see details such as minutes watched. You may also need to familiarize yourself with other metrics, such as the video completion rate.

Brand Collabs Manager

The conditions for this monetization method aren't as strict as those for in-stream ads. In this monetization method, businesses search for content creators that best suit their brands. Here are the requirements for creating content when collaborating with brands:

  • Meet the branded content policies and the Facebook partner monetization requirements.
  • Have a minimum of 1,000 followers.
  • Have at least 15,000 post engagements in 180,000-minute views or 30,000 views lasting for one minute in the last sixty days.

Facebook Subscriptions 

Subscription monetization methods can work for pages with a dedicated team of followers. The method works in a way where the page offers exclusive content to the followers in return for monetary compensation. If the subscribers subscribe through a desktop, you will get 100% of the receipts and fewer taxes. 

However, if they subscribe through Android/IOS, you will get 70% of the subscription fees, with the rest going to the provider. Here are the requirements for getting monetized with this method:

  • Meet the Facebook monetization policy and creator terms for fan funding.
  • A minimum of 10K followers and at least 250 returning viewers.
  • Have a post engagement of at least 50,000 or 180k minutes watched in the last 60 days.
  • Being a resident of an eligible country such as the U.S. and the U.K., Facebook also allows a few select creators in a non-monetized country but through an invite-only.

Facebook Reels Monetization

If you have already met the Facebook monetization policy, you can also monetize Facebook reels. You don’t need to do anything extra if you are already monetizing the longer videos. There are three types of ads that Facebook creators can insert into their reels. These are:

  • Banner ads. These Facebook ads types are formatted in a static form of an image that appears after an image has ended.
  • Post loop ads. These video ads last for 4 to 10 seconds.
  • Sticker ads. They are usually static and appear on any part of the screen. They are also included after the video has ended.

You can read our guide on Facebook advertisement.

Other Ways To Earn Money On Facebook

Besides the above method, you can also earn on Facebook through other methods such as:

Selling Products

You can create physical or digital products that you can sell to fans. You can connect your Facebook page to your store to sell your products. However, when doing that, avoid filling your wall with marketing posts; otherwise, you will lose your traffic. Instead, have a good balance between helpful content and promotional content. If you must advertise your products, ensure you understand the best Facebook advertising strategy.

Affiliate Marketing

This involves selling another brand's products in exchange for a commission. For instance, if you run a page offering beauty tips, you can promote beauty products to your audience. You will be paid a commission whenever someone buys a product using your link. When doing affiliate marketing, ensure you sell a relevant product to your audience.

Brand Collaborations

You can look for a complementary partner to work with and create content for. There are many creators and brands out there searching for creators to work with to increase the reach of their brands. The goal may be to receive monetary gains or to complement one another.

Paid Events Online

Another way to earn money on Facebook is by hosting paid events online. Facebook has a paid event feature that allows creators to run, schedule, or set up events through their page. This is an excellent option for creators and brands, too.

How to Earn Money Through Liking and Commenting on Posts

Another way to earn money on Facebook is by liking posts and commenting on them. Basically, this is a micro job where you are paid to drive engagement on a brand's Facebook post. The job requirements differ from one employer to another. 

But generally, you may be required to like all the posts on a page. When starting, you are paid a certain amount of money per the agreement. Here are the steps to follow to start doing these kinds of jobs:

  • Find these jobs. You can find these jobs on online portals and freelancing platforms like Facebook and Fiverr. When searching for the jobs, be sure to check the credibility of the employers, as not all of them are genuine.
  • Polish your resume. After finding a job you are interested in, you must polish your resume to ensure it meets the employer's needs.
  • Negotiate the rate. You want to ensure you understand the job and the rate the employer is paying. If possible, you should ask for an upfront payment.
  • Start working. After agreeing to the payment terms, you can start working according to the employer's instructions. Ensure that you provide quality work.
  • Get Paid. Once you have completed the tasks, you can request payment.

Final Thoughts

There are different ways you can earn money on Facebook; from Facebook video ads to affiliate marketing and even liking and commenting on posts. If you are looking for a way to start earning, you can consider one of the methods listed above. 

Instead of scrolling all day with no returns or deleting your Facebook account, you can simply make an income by liking and commenting on posts. However, like any other freelancing job, you need to research the credibility of the job before you start working. If possible, ask for an upfront payment.