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How do hashtags help to increase your Instagram audience

Published on 22.05.2020 by Natia

The brands, that know how to use hashtags, get the most significant value from them. They can promote your Instagram account. But you should not use them if you do not know how they work. After you determine which hashtags are appropriate for your brand and the concrete piece of content, you will also need a specific strategy on how you need to use them.

Your content becomes easier to discover

Hashtags work in a similar way as keywords. They make your content findable. When Instagram users are searching some hashtags or tapping through the posts that are related to a concrete tag, they will most likely come across your content as well. So, don’t waste your content. Spend a few more seconds for adding some tags to your posts and make them more easily discoverable.


Hashtags encourage engagement

According to the latest statistics, posts with at least one relevant hashtag cause higher engagement, than those without any. All successful brands know that and use this tool for increasing the activity of their followers. You can also promote your tag if you add it to your Instagram Bio.


Branded Hashtags for promoting your Instagram

After you figure out, how Hashtags work, you can start thinking about your own tags. Branded Hashtags are really important for promoting your Instagram and user-generated content.

Branded Hashtags are of different types. The most common type is Brand-name Hashtags, but you are free to use some name variations as well. You can also use slogans, that are specific for your Brand