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Newbie Friendly Youtube Video Ideas Part III

Published on 16.09.2019 by Luka

We continue our new guidelines. Today we will focus on more creative and easy video ideas.

What’s on your smartphone?

It could be an exciting video for every subscriber. People want to know you in person, but it’s impossible as you can’t get in touch with each of them. That’s why it’s essential to capture video about your personal life. “What on my smartphone” could be a life-changing video for every subscriber? People can find a lot about you because of your favorite applications.

What’s the favorite song?

People who understand you better, become committed to your videos. You need those type of people no your channel – users who engage on all videos and never fail. It’s because Youtube algorithm cares about those little things – if your video gets continual likes, shares, and comments from some people, then you can go viral.

Music the universal language – that’s a favorite quote for millions of people. If you open up to your fans, they will pay with attention and love. It’s important when building a personal brand and trust.

Make an opinion video

In the previous part, we talked about opinion but only about trendy things. Don’t focus solely on trends; there are lots of things to explore in the tech world. So, focus on things that could be interesting and fascinating for your fans at the same time.

For example, if you are artists, then make an opinion video about Bach or Mozart. If you are in the tech world, make opinion video about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Opinion videos will get both types of reaction – love and hate. Don’t be afraid of hate comments as it’s the part of success. So, be ready for the viral nature of opinion video and get available for the ocean of comments.

Talk about your career in-depth

People love watching influencers talking about their career paths. There are already thousands of influences who are hired by Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

Don’t be sad if you are not working at big tech companies; you may have a unique experience with your work. Create a video about your career path. What was the main obstacle, and how to avoid that obstacle throughout the career?

Talk about your hobbies

What’s your hobby? Talk about actual hobbies in the video. Open your heart and mind; it’s like a boomerang. People will love you back.

Don’t be shy about your hobbies because it’s unique and you may have a creative approach to it. That’s why it’s essential to explain it to your fans, and they may get inspiration.