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How to pick the best hashtags to grow your Instagram audience

Published on 24.07.2020 by Natia

A hashtag is an effective way to increase your Instagram audience. According to some sources, posts with hashtags gain about 12-14% more attention. Using Hashtags can lead you to a number of benefits, like getting more followers or improving your posts' engagement rates.

Rule 1: Mix Different Types of Hashtags

There are different types of Hashtags. For your Business Instagram Account, you will definitely need the ones from Community Hashtags, indicating your product or service or special event. But they are not enough. If you want to develop a successful Hashtag Strategy for your business page on Instagram, you should mix Hashtags from different categories. When you use a variety of several types of Hashtags, your posts and stories can reach diverse communities. The best way to discover the most popular ones in your audience is to check their accounts and pay attention to Hashtags they use most often.


Rule 2: Branded and Campaign Hashtags

Branded Hashtag is a unique Hashtag created for your company only. When you use Instagram for your business, you should have Branded Hashtags, like the name of your company/brand, tagline, or one of your most popular products or services. The branded Hashtag may not include the Brand name, but it must be very close to the brand's identity. These types of Hashtags are associated with your brand, so you can include them in all of your posts and stories. On the other hand, Campaign Hashtags are short-term and tied to specific campaigns. So, they are meant to be used only for just a few days, weeks, or months (depends on the campaign duration).