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How to Buy and Grow Instagram Followers in 2022

Published on 29.03.2022 by Brandon

Instagram is a great way to grow as a brand, artist, or company as their billion monthly users forge the ideal breeding grounds for reach and visibility but getting seen and found, and engaged and followed, can be hard given the many pages users must compete with, but struggle no more with the tips below.

Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is the social presence cornerstone for many and whether you are an artist striving to gain fans or a marketer in need of a fresh traffic source for a landing page, Instagram is a reliable way to build and engage new audiences and traffic sources and there are a few ways to get Instagram followers for free.

Struggling to gain more followers on Instagram?

Hassled with growth strategies that do not work? Want free Instagram followers via natural methods?

If so, read on for ways to get more Instagram followers, and the steps to buying them if you choose to.

Complete and Optimize your Profile

Ways to grow Instagram followers are plentiful but the first step all should take is profile optimization.

Bios are the home page of a profile and should clearly represent the brand or purpose of the account, after all, it is what Instagrammers first see when visiting a profile, and first impressions greatly matter.

With no bio or profile photo or proper username, it would be hard, if at all possible, for those searching your brand to find it.

It may seem apparent but a well-made bio is essential to visibility and conversions and it helps form the building blocks for brand identity and with the ability to include links within bios, Instagram is not only a great way to source new clients but fresh streams of traffic too, and these results all start with your bio.

Unsure of the site or page to link to?  If so, linking to ones that sell services or products is a great choice.

Sure, you can link to the home page of your site but why not give users a tailored experience when going from the bio to your site?  This is a solid way to grow conversions while making it easier for users to get to the services they are after, and by directly linking to service or product pages, you can increase sales.

Picking an Instagram name should be done, thoughtfully, as it is how others identify you or your brand.

Usernames should be search-friendly and as short as possible to make it easy for others to remember, and it is good practice to choose one that sticks close to either your name or the name of your brand. 

If your brand has a long name, shorten it as best you can to make it easily recognizable to others, refrain from using special characters, and if you use other sites, pick one that is in line with other social handles.

Maintain Content Consistency

Sporadic or infrequent posts are not advised as you do not want followers to forget about your page or brand, as such, the best times to post on Instagram are at times you set and if you post at a certain time one day and see engagement rates are higher than at other times, post at that time each day and week.

Forge a consistent publishing schedule.

Usually, brands do not post more than a few times per day to avoid looking like spam to followers but whatever frequency you post at, keep it consistent.

Given the over two hundred million users that log in to Instagram each day, it tends to be best, in the name of reaching more people, to spread posts throughout the day at unique times, this way, you will not only reach more people but see what times, based on received engagements, are best to post at.

Sticking to a content schedule will not only keep users in the loop on your brand but will enable you to give followers a consistent experience, so devise a publishing schedule, take note of the engagements posts receive at certain times, and keep to a steady stream of posts to grow and engage your following.

Schedule Posts for Instagram

Schedule Instagram posts to save time and hassle and give current and future followers steady content without the need to manually post, this is a powerful strategy and one used by the largest pages around.

Instagram algorithms evolved over time and now tend to show content to users based on past activity, but by posting at the right times, we can grow visibility and followers by scheduling Instagram posts to ensure posts are made at times our followers, and the community, is most active.

Scheduling Instagram posts is a great way to prepare and get ahead for the month.

Batch work, schedule content, and give followers steady content while saving time and resources.

Benefits of scheduling Instagram posts are plentiful as doing so will let you:

  • Save time.
  • Maintain consistency.
  • Create impactful captions.
  • Write cohesive posts/stories.
  • Publish posts from your Mac or PC.
  • Keep an organized content calendar.

Scheduling IG posts saves you time, and with many free Instagram post schedulers online, it is a no-brainer addition to the growth goals and efforts of anyone looking to make the most of the platform.

Share Your Page Everywhere

It seems obvious but many overlook the importance of sharing their page on other sites or mediums.

If you have an Instagram page, be sure to share it on your site and other social channels you manage, and linking to your Instagram from an email or newsletter is a fast way to organically grow followers.

Sharing your page in more places boosts visibility and makes followers easier and less hassling to grow.

One good way to send users to a page is to create social buttons for your blog or site; these logo-imaged buttons will link to your various social profiles and make it easier for others to find your social accounts.

So if you use YouTube to promote your brand, add a link to your Instagram page within the description or video so others can find it, or if you have a site or newsletter, include a link so readers can find you, the more you share your page, the easier others can find you, and the easier followers become to grow.

Pro tip: Give users a reason to follow you, simply asking for a follow will not cut it; create relevant posts, always engage followers, reply to comments, and utilize all IG content features: IGTV, Reels, and Stories.

Create Meaningful Content

While easier said than done, it is vital to growth you learn what types of content followers want, and the longer you run a page, the more you learn what types of content perform best, and you will quickly see that some outperform others, and for this very reason, testing, and trying new content types, is a MUST.

Ranging from the filters you use to the times you post, the smallest details can make all the difference, and tracking, analyzing, and benchmarking progress is imperative to monitoring progress, which is why some use Instagram analytics tools, although most are not free and come at monthly costs.

Remain confident in new content types, see how filters and captions perform and refine your strategy from there, and if you are unsure where to start or do not know what types of content to share with your audience, analyze competitor pages and draw inspiration from ones that have a working strategy.

This does not mean you should copy competitors, but if you see certain posts are made at certain times or attract more engagements than others, you can stay mindful of these posts when creating your own to not only stay competitive but relevant to your audience and followers.

Start the Conversation

There is no doubting the power of conversation or visual content as studies show sixty-eight percent of consumers prefer visual content while fifty percent prefer video and thirty percent prefer text posts, and no matter which you use, Instagram is a great platform to leverage all content types for conversions.

More use social media now than ever before as a point of contact for friends and brands they shop with, and whether you are a brand, artist, or service provider in search of new ways to get clients, remaining promptly communicative with followers is essential to fostering sales and meaningful relations, and you should always reply, in a timely manner, to messages and comments to keep your conversations alive.

Nearly ninety percent of those that follow a brand intend to make a purchase, so if you get a follow, be sure to reply to all comments and messages as you never know if doing so will result in a new follower or customer, so give your audience the attention they need, reply to as many inquiries as you can, and show your new and future followers you are an active and credible brand or source they can entrust in.

Takeaway: Reply to as many messages and comments as you can to compel sales and engagements.

Find and Use Hashtags that Convert

One of the best ways to get Instagram followers is to use hashtags that are relevant to your audience.

Hashtags help others to find your page, brand, and content and can make a huge impact on following.

Hashtags are vital to discovery and social reach as you can utilize them to gain views and grow followers, and if you choose to buy Instagram followers, you can boost the metrics of posts you use hashtags on to heighten the chance of not only being seen on the Explore page but on the HashtagsDiscovery page too.

To make the most of hashtags, we should use ones that are not saturated, if you take the hashtag #love, for example, there are nearly two-hundred million photos connected to it, which essentially means you would need to compete with that many posts to be seen or found for that tag, which is not an easy task.

One of the best tips for using Instagram hashtags, successfully, is to find ones that are not only easy to rank for in results but ones that your target audience are most likely to search for, so if you have a dog kennel or are a breeder of dogs, hashtags you may use might include #dogsforsale or #kennelfordogs.

Creating branded hashtags, such as #yourbusinessname, is a good way to group content as well and will make it easier for others to find posts from your brand and using all these tactics will make followers for Instagram easier, simpler, and less hassling to grow and scale.

Buy Instagram Followers in 2022

Times have changed and growth methods have evolved, and the tips above are ones all should consider and implement as they make growing Instagram followers much easier, and if you are one of the many that come here in search of ways to buy Instagram followers then you are in for a treat as our followers, combined with the tips above, can give powerful results and growth not taking weeks or months to see.

We get it, growing an Instagram page can be hard and scaling followers even more so, but with the help of our team and expertise, you can reap all Instagram has to offer by employing the tips above, and with our Instagram followers service ordered, you will enjoy real followers that take very little time to arrive.

Visiting here signifies your commitment to growth, and we look forward to helping in any way we can, if you have any issues or queries, or if you would like to buy Instagram followers and have questions, feel free to reach us, any time, and our 24/7, round-the-clock support team would be glad to help and assist.