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Top Instagram marketing hacks to use in 2022

Published on 16.12.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

With the latest algorithm updates, Instagram became more interesting for marketers. We have talked with a few top-tier experts to get the latest Instagram marketing hacks. You can use these hacks in 2022.


Let's get started!


Tell a story with your Instagram posts.

Top-level Insta marketers know that using a platform for story-telling is a big win. If you want to attract more organic visitors to your brand, you should follow our tips. Take a look at the brand's Instagram posts. Those pages always tell stories with the posts. You can upload regular posts (video, images, image carousel, etc.) and even add Instagram stories. The main point is to tell a story. What is the best way to tell a story? Always write highly authentic and detailed captions. The latest update of the Instagram app led us to the new hack - up to 2200 characters. That's plenty of space for the authentic story. Check the image below - take a look at the Apple's IG posts, they always put captions and stories behind every image/video.


Link in the BIO

Big influencers use this Instagram marketing hack - lots of links in the BIO. I know it may sound crazy, but you can add many links in the bio of the IG. There is an option to add only one URL, but what if you think outside the box. Many services allow you to create in-app links. So, when the user clicks on the link in the BIO, they may get a new landing page, just like Instagram. You can add relevant links and stories, giving different options to the website visitors. Check the image below - you see this landing page after clicking on the link. You can choose from the options and read the specific story.


Shareable content

Always work on the sharable content. If you want to attract high-quality followers, then work on the content. It's important to create shareable content that attracts more organic visitors. If people start sharing and adding your content to their stories, the IG algorithm will help you to boost posts.