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Instagram features that business owners can use for engagement

Published on 12.01.2020 by Lela

As you may know, Instagram is one of the biggest social networks around the world. A social network is growing every day, and we see that more businesses join the network every day. Instagram is very trendy in fashion, fitness, and business niche. If you are not on Instagram, promoting your business offer, then you are leaving money on the table.

New features of Instagram

The social network has many features that can be used as your business advantage. Today we will focus on Instagram features that are fresh and can be used to get attention from people.

Boomerang effects look exactly like Tik Tok Loom effect

Boomerang was always the add-on feature of Instagram. You can capture the moment anytime and use the Boomerang effect to make photo movable. The new feature is very cool as people think that it looks like a Tik Tok. The young generation is entirely focused on Tik Tok, and you should not miss this chance. Instagram is trying to create very own “Tik Tok Lookalike” effects, and that’s what you should use as strength of your Instagram page.

Start a movement and ask your fans to use that feature. It would be best if you started the movement from your account and tag people to take a challenge. You can use it for your brand awareness.

Prediction of 2020 – a feature that makes people curious

“Prediction of 2020” is a Popular feature that Instagram added by the end of December. It’s a simple add-on to your Instagram application. The regular user of Instagram created it. Celebrities and Hollywood actors are already using that exciting feature.

It would be best if you used this add-on as a movement. The scenario like we have talked about the Tik Tok Loom effect. Start the movement related to “Prediction of 2020” and tag your followers. Please give them a challenge and make sure that your business brand name is included in your post.