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How to create the most engaging Instagram posts

Published on 22.06.2020 by Natia

Instagram is one of the best platforms for your brand's online marketing. Still, you will need to be creative in order to compete for the attention of the audience.

Maybe gaining new followers is a crucial part of your Instagram strategy, and you are absolutely right in this. But, if your content lacks creativity, you will easily lose them or at least their engagement. Once you gain a particular amount of followers, you should start planning a distinct strategy for planning what to post, when, and why.


Create content that can be saved

In 2020, Instagram comments and saves have the greatest importance than they have ever had. So, to improve engagement for your Instagram posts, you need to create more content that will be capable of encouraging the audience to save them.

Saved content means that your followers want to reread them later. You should provide some relevant and useful information than make it necessary for future usage. For example, posts, including checklist design, are often considered to be the most convenient type. People save such posts to make sure later that they have fulfilled all or most points of the list.


Make your content more entertaining.

Engagement will significantly increase as soon as you start making your Instagram stories funnier. Have you noticed that recently more and more Business brands use some elements of humor in their posts? You can do it as well.

Modern society is friendlier with “memes” and such visual content, rather than big and informative texts. So, try to be creative and make topic-related fun-posts. Fans will love it