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How to Share WordPress Posts on Facebook

Published on 19.04.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

With Google regularly changing the ranking algorithm, it's becoming harder to drive traffic to a website using organic search. That's why you need to consider alternative ways, such as social media. One way to grow the traffic to your WordPress posts is by sharing it on Facebook. 

However, if you post content regularly on WordPress, sharing it manually on Facebook can be tough. One way to overcome this challenge is by automating your WordPress posting on Facebook. 

Benefits of Automating Posting WordPress Posts on Facebook

If you run several websites, you may understand how time-consuming creating and sharing posts on Facebook can be. Instead of spending time posting blog posts on social media, you can leverage tools to help you do that. On top of posting, social media management tools can help you monitor the performance of your posts. That said, here are some benefits of automating posting on Facebook.

  • Keeping your blog active. If you are a blogger, you know how hard it can be to drive traffic to the site. But when you have an automation tool to share posts on social media, you can be assured of constant traffic to the site. 
  • Increased visibility. Using social media posting tools can make your content visible to a large audience without creating many individual posts. Besides, you increase your chances of Facebook users sharing the posts, making them go viral. This can complement your Facebook ad strategy.
  • Lots of useful tools: Depending on your choice of tool, you can find a wide range of features that make it easy to post and manage your social media profile. For instance, some tools will enable you to schedule your posts for posting at certain times of the day when they are more likely to drive traffic.
  • Save time. Using tools that automatically share WordPress blog posts to  Facebook will help you save time you would otherwise have spent manually creating content.
  • Schedule the right posting time. There are certain times and days of the week when the audience on Facebook is usually bigger than others. With the scheduling tools, you can post when your prospective audience is active on Facebook.
  • Great source of traffic. As the largest social media site with about 3 billion monthly users, Facebook can be a good source of traffic for your social media posts. By automatically posting your WordPress posts on Facebook, you can put them in the eyes of this large audience.

How to Share WordPress Posts on Facebook Using IFTTT

There are lots of plugins out there that will enable you to share your WordPress posts on Facebook. We will review some of the top options in the next section. But before we do that, let us look at how you can share WordPress posts to Facebook using the IFTTT plugin. The process for other plugins greatly remains the same.

Create an IFTTT

An  IFTTT account is one of the requirements you need to get started. On the homepage, you will see a form where you should click on Get Started.

Click on Get More

After creating an account, Click on Get More.

Search for Facebook

Use the search bar to search for the Facebook page. You should then tap on Share Post automatically on the Facebook page.

Click on Connect

After clicking Connect, you can sync your Facebook page with the WordPress site.

Enter WordPress Details

Enter the URL of your WordPress site and your username and password. You can now click on Connect.

Enter Facebook Credentials

After submitting your Facebook details, you will be taken to the Facebook login page. You can use this page to enter your username and password.

Confirming Identity

Click Continue as… (your Facebook profile name) to confirm your identity. You can log in using a different name if your profile name isn't listed on the options provided. We recommend you check out our guide on making a Facebook profile look like a page.

Choose Your Page or Create a New One

You will now need to choose the page you want to use with your IFTTT before clicking next. If you don't have a particular page you need to connect; you can click the option to Create a Page.

Accept the Terms and Conditions

You will need to review the permissions you want to allow IFTTT before clicking on “done”. Whenever you publish a WordPress post, it will be shared to your desired Facebook page by IFTTT.

Top 5 Best Automatic Posts to Facebook Plugins

What if you don’t want to use IFTTT? What other plugins should you use? Here are our top 5 recommendations:

Social AutoPilot

Social AutoPilot is another plugin you should consider for automatic posting to Facebook. This free app allows you to choose the content you need to publish, such as custom pages or posts tagged under a category. The tool will also keep records of your auto posts, allowing you to analyze them later.


This is another powerful social media auto poster that will enable you to automatically post your WordPress blog posts on Facebook. Besides, it allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time. You can also use it to recycle your old content and publish custom posts. Jetpack allows you to generate and edit social media images.

No matter the kind of content you would like to share on Facebook, such as videos, images, texts, or custom posts, Jetpack will enable you to do that. While the plugin has a free plan, you may need to upgrade to access the premium content.


This tool allows you to post different WordPress content on Facebook and other social media platforms. It also allows you to customize the post to fit different formats, such as comments, hashtags, emojis, etc. The tool also comes with a stylish social media calendar that will help you track your posts.

You can use Blog2Social to choose images and edit them to reflect the formats of your target platform. It will also allow you to track social media metrics such as impressions, views, likes, reshares, and retweets. With the Facebook instant sharing of the tool, you can instantly post on the platform according to your schedule. You can use the free version of the plugin or upgrade packages for $7 per month.


One tool that offers an easy solution for sharing WordPress posts on Facebook is SchedulePress. The plugin will provide an intuitive visual calendar, allowing you to schedule your posts and manage different authors. The tools also enable you to share your posts directly on Facebook, complete with reminders and notifications.

You can use the query optimization to ensure a lower load time. You can also use the plugin to complete other tasks, such as:

  • Sharing directly.
  • Using emails to notify WordPress users.
  • Using Elementor to schedule posts.
  • Configuring the Autoshare template.
  • Multiple author management.
  • Scheduling different types of Facebook ads.

The tool has a free version but you can upgrade to the pro version starting from $49 per month. It is, therefore, a great tool to help you with Facebook advertising.

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts is another great tool that will enable you to auto-post content on Facebook. On top of that, you can use the tool to post on different channels such as Google My Business, Linkedin, and Twitter. It also allows you to share the same content several times to increase views, shares and likes.

This plugin also allows you to share different kinds of content, such as text, video, and infographics. You can also use it to share different types of content, such as post titles, custom texts, links, and hashtags. It gives you full control over your social media handles. The tool is compatible and has various URL shorteners. The plugin has a free version, but you can upgrade to the paid plans, which cost $75.

Final Thoughts

Managing a WordPress website and maintaining a social media presence can be challenging. This is why using tools and plugins that automatically share your WordPress posts to Facebook is advisable. If you are searching for one such tool, consider one of the above options. We also recommend that you read our guide on making money on Facebook by liking and commenting on posts.