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3 Effective Ways To Scale Facebook Ads Campaigns In 2020

Published on 22.03.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

Facebook is the most extensive social network around the globe. In 2005, Mark would never predict the domination of Facebook. The platform started from a regular dorm of Harvard and went through a significant route. In 2021, Facebook is still the biggest platform for marketers. If we look at the latest data, it’s visible that marketers have never touched anything powerful than Facebook. You may ask why? Well, the obvious answer is that Facebook has a perfect targeting system along with endless AD options. If you are running Facebook ad campaigns now and want to know how to scale it, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will give you three pro-tips that can give you a different look at the scaling strategies.


Strategy N1 - Different AD sizes

In most cases, “Facebook Gurus” would say that don’t touch a winner ad campaign. Yes, you don’t have to feel the winner but keep a big inspiration from it. Many things could give you an instant winner. Meanwhile, you can follow the first easy strategy to scale winner ad - different ad size. It means that you can use additional size images/videos in a separate ad with the exact Ad text, of course. Always try the three most popular AD image sizes - 1200×628, 600×750, and 1080×1080; If one of the running ad campaigns works, then try to replicate it with a different image size right away. Don’t change your image - just go for a different size and wait for a few days - magic will happen.


Strategy N2 - Different ad format

In most cases, Marketers want to get ready-made recipes from the Gurus and implement those ready-to-go strategies in their campaigns. The AD world is different in real life - you can’t just copy other’s ad and wait for big bucks. If you want to scale and don’t look at other campaigns, you should look for creative ways in the Business manager. The second strategy that pro marketers use is definitely a different format of an ad. Facebook gives you access to endless formats of ads. You can use regular video/image, carousel, promotes, dynamic and other types of ads. Just browse the different formats and learn each of them before running the campaign (check the image below - it's an example of carousel AD on Facebook).


Strategy N3 - Manual bidding

In most cases, Facebook advertisers set the auto-bidding campaigns, and the campaign is spending money according to algorithms. Nothing can beat the human instinct when it comes to bidding accurately. That’s why you should play a little bit with the manual-bidding. At first, it could be scary stuff, but along the way, everything comes into the right place (check the image below - You see the official explanation of the bidding from Facebook AD team)