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How To Promote Blog Post on Twitter to Drive Traffic

Published on 19.11.2020 by Ice Geek

Are you looking out for promotional tactics to drive blog traffic from Twitter? That depends on how you tweet your posts and make it reach your followers. It becomes challenging for the writers, especially to promote their blogs on Twitter. It takes less than 10 seconds for tweets to scroll down once the user login into his account. This means your blog posts have less than 10 seconds to get engaged by the users.

The case is different for a Twitterati. They have followers in millions to get their content engaged. There’re online tools from where one can buy Twitter followers and make their profile impressive on social media. But not every blog has high engagement driving relevant traffic to the website. Here are a few suggestions on how to use Twitter to promote your blog compellingly.

Tweet The Blog Link More Than Once:

If you have evergreen content that ranks on the web for competitive keywords, it will drive traffic organically. Share the link on Twitter more than once a day. Draft 3-4 descriptions with trending hashtags and schedule it for auto-post. Do not sound in a salesy tone. It might annoy your followers.

Take Advantage of Bigger Online Conversation:

Share your blog post when there’s a storm of conversation on Twitter. That’s the time most of the users are active. The more visitors you get online, the higher is the chance to get traffic to your website. Dedicate some time to research about big days like festivals or list of special days dedicated to occasions. Choose to tweet your blog during those days with hashtags.

Visual Tweet Attracts: Your blog post should accompany an attractive visual for the followers to engage. The visual should match the content you’re promoting. It gains more retweets and likes and the user gets interested to read your content.

Check Twitter Analytics:

Check your metrics regularly. List down on what type of tweets have fetched more impressions and retweets. Frame and share those tweets that have fetched more engagement. You can use social tools to check Twitter influencers and their retweet. You can frame content accordingly and share them. Also, keep checking the social traffic breakup from Google Analytics.

Repurpose your Blog: Convert your blogs into infographics, presentations, or a short video. Link back with the source. Users will see the graphics and tend to read the blogs if they find it interesting.