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3 Top Tips to succeed as a TikTok content creator in 2022

Published on 15.12.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

We have talked with content creators around the globe. They have dominated the “For You Page” of many countries for the last couple of months. They have shared 3 top tips for succeeding as a TikTok content creator in 2022. What’s the success story behind each TikTok content creator? There are no hidden rules. The only thing that matters on TikTok is staying consistent with the fans and uploading quality content. With our tips, you’ll improve your chances to go viral over and over again. Going viral means thousands of organic followers that care and engage with your content. 


Let’s get started!



Create a character that resonates with the people

Create a character and start playing with it. If you are not afraid of the appearance in front of the camera, it’s better to create a character. The biggest TikTok content creators are using the same strategy. They create characters that have a significant influence on people. If you create a character that is combined with the trends, you’ll win the long-term game of TikTok. Check the image below - TikTok content creator Brody Wellmaker has created tens of characters and he uploads videos on each of them weekly!


Be original

“Being original” always wins - no matter platform, country or culture. Yes, this advice is very general, and you may say that it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd. The TikTok content creators we talked to during the interview always mention originality. No, you don’t need to come up with new dance moves. Being original means that you should fully invest your time into the trend and then come up with a bit of a twist.


Use popular songs

Most of the musicians and celebrities are already on TikTok. They share full tracks or little parts of the tracks for the TikTok audience. It’s better to use songs from popular musicians to boost the video's credibility. When you add popular music to the video, it gets even more views. You’ve seen a video with the original sound, but then one of the followers asks to add a ‘popular song’ to the video, and that video goes viral.