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Find live streams on Instagram with easy hacks from the experts

Published on 04.09.2023 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Finding random live videos on Instagram can be a fun and exciting way to discover new content and connect with people from around the world. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can find random live streams on Instagram;


How do I find Instagram live streams

Open the Instagram app: Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device. Ensure you have the latest app version installed for the best experience.

Navigate to the Explore page: Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the Explore page, where you can discover new content.

Click on the 'Live' tab: At the top of the Explore page, you'll see different tabs such as 'For You', 'Following', 'Trending', and 'Shop'. Swipe left until you reach the 'Live' tab and tap on it.


Watching  random live videos

On the Live tab, you'll see a list of live videos currently being broadcasted by Instagram users worldwide. The videos are displayed in a grid format, with the most popular ones appearing at the top. Scroll through the grid and click on any live video that interests you to start watching.


Interact with the broadcaster

After watching a live video, you can interact by sending comments and likes. Type your message in the comment box at the bottom of the screen and tap the send button to post it. You can also tap the heart icon to send likes during the broadcast.

Discover more live videos: If you want more random live videos, swipe down to refresh the page. Instagram will populate the Live tab with new live videos for you to explore.

Follow interesting broadcasters: If you enjoy watching a particular live video or find the broadcaster's content interesting, you can follow them by tapping the "Follow" button on their profile. This will ensure you see their future live videos and posts in your feed.


What happens when you join someone's Live on Instagram?

When you join someone's live on Instagram, you participate in their live video broadcast. Your profile picture will appear on the screen alongside the broadcaster's, indicating you are actively engaged in the live session. Depending on the settings chosen by the broadcaster, your audio and video may be shared with the audience. You can interact with the broadcaster and other viewers by sending comments and likes, which will appear on the screen in real time. Joining someone's live on Instagram allows you to connect, engage, and contribute to the ongoing conversation, creating an interactive and immersive experience for all participants.


Can you join Instagram Live on the computer?

Yes, you can join Instagram Live on a computer. Previously, Instagram's live streaming feature was only available on mobile devices, but now it can also be accessed through a web browser on your computer. This update allows users to engage with their favorite content creators and friends through Instagram Live, even if they don't have access to a mobile device. To join Instagram Live on a computer, open your web browser, go to the Instagram website, log in to your account, and navigate to the Live section. From there, you can view and participate in the live stream, leave comments, and interact with the broadcaster.