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How to make a Facebook page helpful for your business

Published on 03.07.2020 by Natia

Having a Facebook page for your local business gives you a lot of advantages and new opportunities. The following methods can make your page really helpful.

Collect reviews/feedback from customers

Collecting customers’ reviews is one of the greatest advantages of your Facebook page. They give you detailed information about what your audience likes or dislikes the most. Moreover, they may provide you a plethora of new ideas for the development of your business. For example, you can find out which products or services they would like to get from you in addition.

So, encourage your customers to review your business. You can add the best reviews to your website's testimonial page. In this way, you will really boost the value of your customers’ feedback for your business.


Use the Facebook page for Blog Comments.

You can use your Facebook page to discuss your blog posts. For that, you will need to turn off comments on your blog and add a Facebook link at the end of each post.

That will also help you to build a bigger audience and increase organic engagement as well. That’s because people usually click through the blog posts if they see a great discussion around it on the Facebook page.


Comment from Facebook Page

Instead of your personal profile, you should use your Facebook page while commenting on posts related to your business. It will give you additional opportunities to increase the audience, as people who like your comment will most likely check the page as well.

Make sure that your comment will be valuable for the topic-interested audience. Don’t forget to check who likes the comment and invite them to like your page as well