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YouTube marketing strategy that actually works for 2020 Part I

Published on 12.10.2019 by Lela

Every eight internet users from 10 love watching YouTube videos daily. It’s a significant number, and you should take action right now. We are giving you the most comprehensive guideline about YouTube marketing for 2020.

YouTube marketing plan is straightforward. It contains a few steps – Audience research, Creative content, partnerships, embedding on high authority websites, and consistency. Today we start with the first part, and let’s focus on audience research.

How to find a relevant audience on YouTube

What’s your niche? What’s your goal on YouTube? First of all, you must understand the niche for YouTube. Let’s take an example – a fitness niche.

As you already know, the industry, now you should think of your goals. What is your purpose on YouTube? Do you want to get famous, or maybe you want to sell your fitness products on YouTube? Everything depends on your answers.

Look for sub-niches on YouTube

Market research starts with sub-niches. Fitness has many sub-categories. For example, there are followers of weight loss, bodybuilding, simple workout videos, etc. Sub-niches have the power to deliver lots of viewers, and your content can convert them into loyal fans.

Weight loss or fitness is a general search term. People who are searching for that specific queries, they have lots of goals in mind. So, start with defining your target audience goals. What could be your targeted viewer’s goal? Can you help them in losing weight with your product? Well, then you have a very targeted audience.

Make sure that you niche-down every possible market. You can get targeted loyal fans by the following terms: Weight loss in 90 days, weight loss in 30 days, etc. Now when you niche-down everything, you get the actual market and audience focus.

Established YouTube influencers on the market

After your niche-down industry, go and check out the most significant influencers for each query. Watch their videos and underline the niches you may have missed. Read the comments under videos and find what the targeted audience wants for the next videos. Maybe they have mentioned some other ideas for more content. Also, don’t forget to check the channels of the biggest influencers. They may have 100+ videos on YouTube, and you can get ideas from them.

YouTube has the option to see “related” channels. So, go and check whether they are good enough to find a targeted audience. YouTube research is a very tiring but most important task. If you need a successful journey on YouTube, then do research first.