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Trends that shape the future of Instagram marketing in 2021

Published on 05.04.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

Are you wondering what could be the future of Instagram marketing? You've come to the right place. Today, we will talk about the latest trends that are shaping 2021 in terms of Instagram marketing.


E-commerce tools built-in Instagram

Instagram has become more aware of shopping space. That's why 2020 was life-changing for the management of the social network. Keep in mind that IG management implemented e-commerce tools that are built through the network. So, you can buy products/services from popular brands without leaving Instagram. IG's management has two goals in mind:

  1. Make shopping easy for every Instagram user - as IG is more associated with the brands and product show-room (online show-room), IG created an in-built commerce platform where you buy any product/service right away.

  2. Keep the users on the platform - Giving IG users commerce tools means that they won't leave the venue. In 2019, Instagram users had to follow the shop-link in the BIO, and they would end up on the brand's website. As of now, Instagram is trying to keep as much traffic on the platform as possible.

Brands have the chance to create e-commerce platforms on their page. Also, they can promote "shoppable posts", "shoppable stickers", user Instagram "Checkout", and collaborate with the creators with the "shopping with creators" function. (check the image below - you see how IG commerce platform is adapted to new features - image source NYTimes)




REELS take the lead (TikTok is the biggest competitor)

2020 was very successful for apps in the 'short-term videos' space. TikTok was the most successful app in this space and got hundreds of million new users only because people were bored during the lockdowns. Keep in mind that short-video space gives 'instant gratification to the users to quickly get desired feelings (joy, sadness, anger, anxiety, etc.). Any TikTok user can scroll down the app and watch favourite videos in just seconds. At the same time, TikTok can easily take hours of your daily life which seems a big problem for people under 25. 

Instagram saw a big opportunity in this space, and they created their own system. As of now, you can start using IG REELS that have the same structure as TikTok. You can put music, different hash-tags, video effects, etc. Most of the creators started using IG REELS along with TikTok. In most cases, they would use TikTok videos for IG campaigns too. At the start of 2021, IG management announced that IG REELS videos with the TikTok brand logo would get very low organic reach. By that decision, IG REELS became a direct competitor of TikTok. (Check the image below - that's how IG REELS work in real life)