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Crypto Content Ideas for YouTube

Published on 07.10.2019 by Lela

Crypto is the biggest steal for 2019. Keep in mind that crypto movements started back in a decade ago, and you should take a piece of it. Bitcoin was the first significant cryptocurrency, and still, the price stands tall. If you decide to dedicate your Youtube channel to Crypto, then we have pro tips that will help you skyrocket the number of views and subscribers.

Create videos about daily updates

The crypto industry is growing daily, and to be honest, and it's a fast changed platform. For example, Bitcoin's price was still at $19000 at the end of 2017 but dropped hard in January of 2018. Even in September of 2019, the Bitcoin price dropped by $1000 in value in just 24 hours. So, Crypto investors always look for daily updates and checkups.

Keep in mind that many entrepreneurs on YouTube create content related to Crypto. So, don't hesitate to look back anymore. Crypto is the niche that will give you many views, popularity, and many subscribers. Daily shows can attract thousands of random person's attention, and your channel will blow up easily. Crypto is the payment option of the future, but it happens now, so it's a perfect viral niche for your YouTube channel.

Review of the Crypto Industry for last week.

If you don't want to focus only on Cryptocurrencies, then go for weekly videos about Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you take a close eye on YouTube influencers in the marketing/business niche, then you can understand why they blow up the channel so quickly. Whether you like Crypto or not, this is the niche that can deliver millions of views. You can create a video about weekly updates in the Crypto industry. If the video is 10 minutes longer or more, then it will positively impact your authority in the eyes of the YouTube algorithm.

Create videos only about significant market updates

When you don't want daily or weekly videos about the Crypto niche, then go with this route. Just focus on significant market updates – it could be 2-3 videos per month. For example, launching the Bakkt platform was a viral type of news for the Bitcoin market. Facebook Libra coin will be another big hit, and it could give a few millions of views only from a simple video. People are genuinely interested in Mark's and Facebook's new coin, but it won't be published until early 2020. So, you can prepare your resources and start learning everything about the Blockchain system of Libra. It will eventually help you to go viral on Youtube.