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Instagram marketing tips that actually increase sells

Published on 09.06.2020 by Natia

Instagram gives some great opportunities to advertise and sell our products. However, if you know some already tested tips, you would be able to increase your sells significantly.

Product Teasers

You can sell more products if you post product teasers and play the card right not to annoy the audience with your advertisements. Teasers are the easiest ways to present your products and gently urge users to buy them. When you tease them about your products, they may get interested in it. So, they will most likely purchase something, and you don't need to push them for that. Even if they do not buy anything, they will at least like, comment, or share.


Right Days and Times for Posting

If you want to keep your audience, you should post consistently and stay in their news feed regularly. To get the best results, choose peak days and hours. In this way, you will reach more as most of them will be online.

Generally, Wednesdays and Sundays are considered to be the worst days for posting on Instagram. On the other hand, Mondays and Thursdays are the best ones.

Time is also essential. For example, think at what time you scroll through your social networks. Usually, we all do this in the morning while getting ready for work. So, on working days it can be between 8:00 am, and 9:00 am.

Of course, we do the same before we fall asleep. It can be any time between 11:00 pm to 2:00 am. But if you need more accurate information, you just need to check Insights, which will let you know when exactly your audience is more active.