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TikTok marketing strategy you should focus in 2022

Published on 01.12.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

TikTok is growing and nothing can stop it. Every big brand already has a big presence on the platform and people love it. The chance to create trends that will influence the world, it’s a big opportunity for everyone. We as a regular user can create anything and anytime and it will go viral no matter what. Today we will share with you answers on the important TikTok marketing strategy questions.


Bring it on!



The biggest dilemma -  create video in the app or outside of the app?

Creativity is better outside of the app because TikTok restricts creativity, however, since most people use TikTok they can see your work more often. You can create video with editing apps like iMovie on your phone and then share it on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This way, the app will automatically convert the post into a video. If you want to upload an already uploaded YouTube or Facebook video, you can do so by downloading this app called which allows for converting videos from one platform to another. Check the image below - you can see what basic functions TikTok offers to the creators!




How to use music on TikTok?

You can use TikTok without sound because the app has a feature where it will automatically add music. If you are bored with not having any music in your videos, then you can search for songs on TikTok's in-app library to be added to your video. The in-app library is available in different languages depending on your location or internet connection. You might have to pay if the song belongs to an artist that requires payment for each view of his/her music. To get non-original music, however, there are lots of ways like through apps like Apple Music which don't cost a lot.