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TikTok commits up to 2 Billion dollars investment in Tokopedia eCommerce operations

Published on 15.12.2023 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

TikTok, the globally recognized social media giant owned by ByteDance, is charting a new course to expand its footprint in Indonesia, the largest e-commerce hub in Southeast Asia. Navigating through regulatory hurdles, TikTok has devised an innovative strategy to establish a stronger presence in the Indonesian market.


Investing $1.5 billion in Tokopedia

The company is investing a substantial $1.5 billion in a pioneering joint venture that will merge its e-commerce sector, TikTok Shop Indonesia, with Tokopedia, the e-commerce arm of Indonesia's leading tech conglomerate, GoTo. In this new venture, TikTok secures a dominant share of 75.01%.

This investment of $1.5 billion will not be a lump sum but will be gradually infused into the merged entity, as stated in a joint announcement by the companies. An initial payment of $840 million is set to secure TikTok's majority stake, as reported by Reuters. Following the agreement, GoTo will hold a 24.99% share in the joint venture, a figure that is expected to remain constant.


Joint venture to help inside-investing

The significance of this joint venture is amplified considering TikTok's recent challenges with regulators concerning its fully owned Indonesian e-commerce operation, TikTok Shop Indonesia. The platform, famed for integrating online shopping into its popular social media app, faced a setback when Jakarta imposed a ban on direct payments for online purchases via social media to safeguard local small-scale vendors and user data. Complying with this new regulation, TikTok suspended its e-commerce services on October 4.


The structure of the joint-venture deal

The structure of this deal is intricate, involving several phases that eventually lead to the combined entity's formation. Initially, Tokopedia is set to acquire the Indonesian business of TikTok Shop for $340 million in the year's final quarter, as per GoTo's investor briefing. Subsequently, TikTok will purchase a controlling stake in Tokopedia through the newly formed entity with an investment of $840 million. Additionally, the joint venture will receive further investments, totaling up to $1.5 billion over an unspecified time frame, to bolster its growth.

Furthermore, the valuation dynamics of this deal are influenced by both projected forecasts and the impact of recent regulatory changes. As noted by GoTo, the valuation of TikTok Shop Indonesia reflects its current market standing in the fourth quarter of 2023 and does not account for the future potential of the new, integrated entity.