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A perfect platform to promote dropshipping stores

Published on 10.10.2019 by Lela

As you know, the 21st century is ideal for Drop Shippers. If you don’t see this business model, then you should start researching it.

Drop-shipping is a business model when you don’t touch the product. You know that someone has a product. You put images and descriptions of that product on the selling platform and sell it. When a product is sold, you get the money and go for an actual owner and buy the product. After you pay the actual owner, ask him/her to ship that product to the real buyer’s address.

Drop-shipping became very popular after 2015. This business model is working on eBay and Amazon, but don’t forget Shopify. Today we talk about the best platform to promote drop-shipping stores.

Instagram – best way to find influencers

Brand of watches, MVMT, used Instagram correctly and increase their company value to 100 Million dollars. Instagram influencers market is still the most significant hidden gem, and people should pay more attention to it. Meanwhile, marketers who value influencer’s options, bank hard from drop-shipping. Keep in mind that the MVMT brand is also based on the drop-shipping method. MVMT company is based outside China, and watches are shipped from China.

What you need to start on Instagram

First of all, you need followers for legit profile. You can buy 1000 Instagram followers from Social Wick and increase the trust in the eyes of random Instagram users. Don’t’ forget that people always check follower’s numbers – It’s a way to understand whether the account is legit or not. We give you the chance to skyrocket and jumpstart your Instagram marketing campaign.

How to find Instagram influencers

An Instagram influencer could be anyone starting from 1000 followers. What should be your first “check” while searching for an influencer? Well, you should begin with random people. Don't go for overhyped Instagram accounts that have 100 000 followers because always ask overpriced payments. Start small and test the market.

Let’s take the men to watch the market. Go and search for popular men on Instagram. What would be the location? Country? Let’s take France as an example. Search for Paris location and look for photos from men. Now you can check each person that posts images on Instagram for that Paris location. If a person has 1000 followers and gets 200 likes minimum, then he is a perfect candidate for influencing. Just like that, go for 10 000 followers' account and check if the person gets 2000 likes on each image. If you find someone like this, then you have won the golden ticket to the money-making niche.