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How to monetize Youtube Videos on Channel

Published on 18.09.2019 by Lela

YouTube is the biggest search engine but for videos. Nowadays, YouTube became trendy, and people watch almost everything on this platform. Every TV channel now has its own YouTube channel where they upload daily news, TV programs, etc.

As the experts believe, YouTube is the new TV hype. So, in few years YouTube will replace TV fully. 

If you ask children about their plans, YouTube is one of them. Why do they love YouTube? Because the platform has one crucial thing – attention. With more than one billion monthly users, YouTube is the biggest online platform where people come with one idea – watch videos.

The perfect platform for content creators

Through the years, YouTube became the best platform for content creators. We have seen the development of Facebook Video platform, but it somehow failed, and YouTube is still number on the market. Every content creator that wants attention starts a channel on YouTube.

There is one crucial question – how to monetize YouTube videos? Is there any possible way to monetize content that artists or creators upload on the platform? Today we will dive deep into the possible ideas about monetization.

YouTube based Ads - Adsense

As you may know, Google is the owner of YouTube. Sergey Brin and Larry Page brought YouTube a few years ago, so Google owns this video platform. Google has its monetization option, and it’s called “Adsense.”

Google has a smart system – Adsense and Adwords. Both platforms are synced with each other. When people want to place ads on Google, then they order everything on Adwords. All those adverts are displayed via Adsense.

So, YouTube has an Adsense system. It’s called “hosted” system because YouTube gives first their option of monetization.

What are the requirements for YouTube Adsense approval?

Two years ago, YouTube changed its rules, and it was focused mostly on Adsense. A few years ago you could send a request for Adsense with just one video and zero subscribers, but today it’s impossible to do so. New rules implemented few requirements for Adsense approval.

  • Minimum 1 000 subscribers

  • Minimum 4 000 watch time within 12 months

If you follow the guidelines and everything is under control, then send the request for Adsense approval.

How do they pay?

First of all, YouTube Adsense pays money because of the number of viewers. On average you can earn up to $1 for 1 000 views. If you put the simple video on YouTube and it gets 10 000 views, then you can make up to $10 from that video only. It becomes interesting when you upload more videos daily and create a system.