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How to improve your Instagram reach

Published on 26.08.2020 by Natia

The shortest possible way to increase your organic reach on Instagram in 2020 is to understand how the key factors in Instagram Algorithm work. Accordingly, you will figure out how to rank your content on the feed of the users. 


Find Optimal Posting Time

It takes some time to find out when most of your followers are active. So, you should post when the majority of your audience is online. From the Instagram business profile, you can check Insights to figure out at what time of the day the followers are most active.


Encourage Engagement

Calling for action and asking questions is one of the most effective ways to encourage your audience to interact with your Instagram posts. Hosting a giveaway content is also a successful method to engage your followers. As usual, such contests generate more comments and activity than on ordinary posts. Just try to have a few months' gaps between such contests in order to keep things exciting.


Create User-Generated Content

While ranking content on the news feed of your users, the Instagram algorithm considers their relationships. According to the research, user-generated content is ranked 35 percent higher. It is also more memorable and trusted than other non-user-generated content or traditional media. So creating the user-generated content is a highly valuable strategy to try.


Go Live

By going Live on Instagram, you appear at the front of the stories feed. Try to assume that no one else is Live at the same time. Also, the ‘Live’ logo will make your profile photo more notable in the Instagram App.