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What is a better platform for Bitcoin Influencers

Published on 08.10.2019 by Lela

The crypto industry is growing daily, and you have to take action right now. Cryptocurrencies are very big now; for example, Bitcoin is worth $8000. If you want to get attention from people and get influencers fast, then Bitcoin and crypto industry is the primary industry right now. Today we will focus on the advantages of each platform to put your content.

Instagram as a top platform

Instagram is not an image sharing platform anymore. You can see that the Instagram team is working hard to deliver high-quality features. For example, Instagram TV is already dominating the chart. As of now, you are not limited to 59 seconds of videos. You can easily upload any length videos to Instagram TV. Keep in mind that IGTV is still new, and you have a chance to dominate the platform while it’s early.

Social Wick can give you quality services related to Instagram. We have been working with many Crypto influences on Instagram, and they are happy. YOU can get IGTV services or Instagram followers to jumpstart your journey.

Instagram is not limited to videos. You can upload daily stories and grab attention. Instagram stories are available for only 24 hours, and it could be a game-changer for your industry. What’s so attractive about the Instagram story? People know that stories are living alone for 24 hours, so they try best to watch it while it’s published. Thus, scarcity is the best feeling that can lead your followers into a loyal fans.

YouTube as a bets video platform

In 2019, we have seen many updates on the YouTube platform. Now you can add simple images to YouTube channel and announce video premiere or something like that. Also, now you have the chance to add “YouTube Story” to your channel. The story can contain images or 15-second videos where you can publish or announce everything. YouTube stories remain to live for seven days, so it’s better than Instagram. Feeling of scarcity that your fans get with Instagram, won’t be the first option on YouTube.

YouTube subscribers are used to videos because the video was the only option for one decade. So, YouTube users are mostly used to watch your video on YouTube until the end. At the same time, you can’t have a high percentage of viewers who will watch your Instagram TV video till the end. Instagram is still related to images and short videos, so users have different intentions on the platform.