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Definitive guide to Facebook Advertising for businesses in 2020 PART II

Published on 26.01.2020 by Natia

In the first part of the guideline, we talked about general advertising tips. It’s essential to understand the general idea of the Facebook advertising platform, before attempting to it. In this part, we will focus on Facebook Ad types that are significant factors. When you get a deep understanding of each ad type, then you eventually create the first ad set.

Brand awareness

First of all, you can’t create a Facebook ad without having a page. It’s essential to develop the business page, and drive likes to it. Don’t start without a proper warm-up. When we say warm-up, it simply means that you should wait for few days before attempting to create an ad set for your offer. What’s the routine before the first product offers an ad set? Well, it’s essential to create an advertisement for awareness. You need Facebook likes on your page as targeted users always check the validity of the page. If the business page has only a few likes and advertises something on your feed, it seems very odd and not trustworthy.

Boost page posts

Before you create the first ad set for your product/offer, you should post a few informative images/videos. It’s essential to boost the first few posts on the Facebook page. Keep in mind that it’s the easiest way to boost your idea and warm-up the audience.

Carousel Ads (offering multi-product)

If your brand has the multi-product offer, then you should attempt to Carousel Ads. It’s the perfect way to show the targeted audience the products that may change their life a bit. With the Carousel Ads, you can put as many products as possible in front of millions of targeted users.

Lead Ads

It’s the most natural way to buy leads from Facebook. The algorithm of Facebook’s advertising platform will target the people that are interested in your offer. “Lead Ads” is the perfect way to get leads to your offer and let them convert into customers.