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Definitive Guide to Facebook Affiliate Marketing PART I

Published on 28.12.2019 by Natia

Millions of people around the globe read Tim Ferris's famous book. 4-hour workweek gives perspective on your dream life. Most of the Affiliate marketers started with a little dream to earn online and experience freedom.

Freedom is the main thing when it comes to online business. Affiliate marketing is the central pillar of the online business space. Do you want to wake up and see big commission from affiliate networks? Well, we give you a definitive guide to affiliate marketing.  

A most accurate definition of affiliate marketing

There are many guidelines where you will come up with different interpretations. We want to give you the most accurate definition. Let's take the main parts of the affiliate process and create a definition from it.

Affiliate marketing is an online process of earning money (getting commission) by promoting products or services of other people. There are product/service creators who are searching for affiliates – people who promote those particular business product/services through different channels. As an affiliate, you can search for niche-relevant product/service, promote it, and after getting sales, the content creator will send you commission. The amount of commission depends entirely on content creators, so any affiliate can choose the offer that suits them most.

The passage above sums up pretty much the whole process about affiliate marketing. This is a particular part of online business space because most online marketers go for the affiliate industry.

Two sides of affiliate marketing

There are two perspectives in the affiliate marketing industry. First, affiliate marketing is the perfect option for content creators. They will give you a commission if you promote their products. On the other side, we have an affiliates who are ready to promote products while getting a commission.

  1. Content creators are always looking for affiliates. There are hundreds of affiliate networks where creators publish their offer and wait for affiliates. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to increase sales. As a creator, you should be willing to give a big commission to satisfy "super affiliates."

Any level affiliates are welcome to any affiliate network. Networks are playing a third-party role – they are connecting regular affiliates with content creators. As an affiliate, you have a weapon of choice. You can search for any type of product or service in any particular niche.

Before you enter the affiliate process, embrace this main rule

Affiliate marketing is not a process of quick-cash. Yes, many people do everything to get quick cash, but affiliate marketing is more than just "pocket money" space. Affiliate space is an actual online business industry accumulating billions of dollars every year. In this industry, we have the same rules, just like other industries – focus on the interest of the consumer.

If you want to stay in affiliate marketing for a long time, then you should act like a real businessman. First, you should identify the problem of potential consumers in your industry and start looking for problem-solving products/services. That's where we see the main advantage of affiliates – they can search for any product with any price range and commission option.