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Brainstrom basic ideas for YouTube channel

Published on 02.03.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

If you want to have a successful channel on YouTube, it's essential to understand its basic concept. Everything starts with brainstorming and putting ideas into reality. What's your niche? Do you want to focus on 'learning' channels or delivering entertainment bits to the users? There will be lots of questions at the start, but we need to go back to the basics. Optimizing a YouTube channel properly is the best way to start your journey.


All the necessary things

Start with the main thing - optimizing the channel. Add a very professional profile image to your channel. Then you have to add a background image. Without our saying, you can check the channels of big influencers on YouTubers. They always start with main points - profile image, background image and YouTube channel trailer. It's a short video (mostly 30-45 seconds) where you explain to everyone about your channel. When a random user ends up on your channel, they need to understand your channel's idea and points. That's why the trailer of the channel is so important.

In most cases, random YouTube users are looking at the number of subscribers. You need to have around 1000 subscribers to get more recognition on the platform. It's tough to achieve the first 1000 subscribers with manual work. That's when SocialWick comes into the play. On SocialWick you can buy high-quality YouTube subscribers and give you a chance to go viral quickly. With a decent amount of subscribers, YouTube users will recognize and eventually believe in your saying. You can also see the second side of the coin - dislikes. You can buy YouTube dislikes for the videos to balance the ratio. (check the image below - you see that the biggest YouTuber has everything on point - profile image, background image and trailer).


Keep videos short

Over the years, the content creation industry came up with a basic concept - short videos have more attention. If your videos are long, then you'll lose lots of viewers. From random 100 viewers of your video, you'll end up with five maximum of 10 people watching until the very end. That's why short and straightforward videos get more attention. The same concept was a successful and fundamental concept of the TikTok application. Users of TikTok know that they will get very simple and short content. One of the biggest YouTube influencers, David Dobrik, is using the same contempt. In the industry (vlogging) where people put 20+ minutes of content in every possible way, David shrinks everything into 4:20 minutes. In his latest interview, David admitted that he created short videos because it's a psychological moment and people have a sharp focus. The shorter the video, the more recognition they will get in the long run (check the image below - David Dobrik videos are only 4:20 minutes long).