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Instagram Marketing Definitive Guide 2019 Update 2

Published on 21.06.2019 by Julia

In the previous part, we talked about the definitive guide to Instagram marketing and covered different types of posts, how to post, what to post, and when to do that.  

Today we would love to continue our previous conversation and dive deep into the secret world of Instagram marketing. As of now, we will share with you some insider peaks on how to promote your product/service.

Adding filters on content

In the previous part of this guideline, we have covered all types of content that you should post on Instagram. Keep in mind that all three types of posts could be lucrative for your Instagram marketing. Simple videos and photos are somehow very boring and dull. At first, your followers will enjoy every type of content. At some point, they will ask for something more. That's why you should rock up the level of your content from the start. Show your followers that you know the work and you are doing it on the top-level.

When you decide to level up Instagram content game, start using filters. With the help of filters, you can make content far better. Your content will stand out among the competition. It could be text over, voice over, video editing, making it blur, and having various types of frames for any post.

Boosting the follower's count

Yea, it could be vital at some point. Self-proclaimed gurus say that you should not boost followers number, but they always come and order different Instagram packages from Social Wick. That's how the market works; no one wants you to share real and insider secrets with you. Take a minute and think of this - when someone checks on your account, what they may look at first? You are right; they always look at followers number. Potential fans/buyers think like this: If someone has big followers base and ethical engagement, that could be an excellent sign to obey their content and advice.

You can jump start your marketing efforts with fast followers boost. Social Wick provides you exceptional services with genuine users and reasonable engagement rate.

IGTV - New heights of Video Marketing

Every big player on Instagram uses IGTV. It's a perfect way to attract new fans and potential buyers. Experts expect that IGTV could exceed YouTube to some extent. We all hear ideas, thoughts and expert positions, and at some point, we will see together whether those predictions get real. The only thing we know is that IGTV is raising like no platform ever done before. We see millions of videos on IGTV, and people love it. That's why you should start using IGTV and getting attention from potential fans.

Writing captions in the right way.

When you post content on Instagram, take advantage of captions. Most of Instagram users post simple content and add various hashtags. That's a wrong way to market your ideas in the 21st century. People actually read those captions, and in 99%, if the caption is related to the actual problem, they comment and engage with great pleasure. That's how you create new relationships and add them to the potential buyer's list. Ask questions, be bold and brave - talk and write about real issues/problems in your niche, and buyers will come naturally.