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Published on 15.04.2020 by Lela

In the first part, we talked about two interesting growth hacks. Writing epic captions and perfect pin images are very important. Today we will share two more interesting tips that can change your view on Pinterest growth marketing.

Use the different type of words during captions

We can differ the words into the following categories - common, power, emotional and uncommon. You can easily diversify and use all kinds of words into the captions. As you know, captions have to be very eye-catching, so it’s important to use emotional and power words frequently. A caption should be full of common as people should feel that the caption is written for them and using the emotional and power words can change the reader’s mind into the positive one. You can easily attract attention and convert them into leads by emotional words (triggers).

Create group boards for your followers

Very interesting tip - you can easily attract the attention of your followers. Go and create the group boards where random followers can join and become the contributor. In that way, you increase the power of your account and reputation. Pinterest’s algorithm sees that you can easily convince people and that’s why your pins go higher on keywords. When the group board is getting 10+ pins from different users, you’ve already hit the lotto. The algorithm will get higher exposure on every keyword after this.