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Two effective marketing tips for Twitter in 2020

Published on 29.03.2020 by Lela

Although Twitter is not the most popular social network around the world, marketers, and businesses can still squeeze best out it. Today we will share with you Twitter marketing tips that can transform your plan.

For over a decade, Twitter was one of the dominating social networks. Right now, Facebook and Instagram outperformed the world of tweets. Despite that fact, Twitter is still used widely by millions of users on a daily basis. 

Video content works best

Keep in mind that video content works best on Twitter. It’s been a long time that Twitter added video features to the platform. If you decide to market your product or service for Twitter userbase, then you should create a video ad. It will make a wonder because people believe more in video ads rather than regular images. 

If you can’t fit full product/service information into the video ads, it’s not a problem. There is a good way out - you can add infographics or images with full service/product information in the first reply of the video ads. In that way, you will answer all questions of the user that may get interested in your product.

Schedule content for a month

You need to schedule content to stay consistent. Keep in mind that consistency is very much needed to play along with Twitter’s algorithm. You need to keep up with the algorithm of the platform because that’s where the doors lay to virality. If you want to go viral on almost every interesting post, then you should follow the rules. The number one rule is related to consistency. Take your time and schedule the time of your content. If you already have posted a few images or videos on your twitter, then check which type of post has performed better and what was the exact time you’ve posted? Answer those questions and create a document where you can track the performance of published posts. After one week of the test, you’ll know a perfect type of post and perfect timing for your posts. That’s how you can get maximum exposure.