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How Entrepreneurs can use YouTube for personal branding

Published on 29.09.2019 by Lela

YouTube is a perfect platform for personal branding. Some experts believe that personal branding should be done only on LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn is the most decisive platform related to job stuff, but one view on YouTube can change everything. For example, Facebook investor Gary Vaynerchuk says that from random ten views on your YouTube video, one could be someone who can change your life.

YouTube is the second biggest engine in the world, and its video based. Laying down and watching videos is the loveliest task for every person around the globe. If you sync video platform with your knowledge, then you can do a personal branding successfully. We are happy to introduce little tricks that entrepreneur can use on YouTube.

Give financial advice to newbies

When you are a successful entrepreneur, people want to hear your story. Tell Not only your story but also explain the way on how to achieve success. Not everyone wants to be successful entrepreneurs; some of them want to be a good musician, pianist, violinist, mathematicians, etc. Those people come to take advice from you not only about entrepreneurship but also about financial freedom. As you know, financial freedom is common to the desire for everyone, no matter the profession.

So, being a successful entrepreneur means you have some hidden golden nuggets for subscribers. If you don’t have your outlook on life and a different approach to financial life, then your channel won’t be successful. YouTube has thousands of influencers on YouTube already, so yet another regular channel can’t blow up quickly. You need to be different and explain actual steps or give uncommon (unorthodox) advice for financial freedom.

Create a YouTube show

Entrepreneurs have various options with YouTube. One option is to create the main YouTube channel about your life story, daily financial advice, talking about online or offline marketing, etc. At the same time, entrepreneurs have a second option – YouTube show. Just like Graham Stephen, having YouTube show will be game-changer for personal branding.

Entrepreneurs are not limited to one niche

You are free to talk about any niche as a business could be done in any industry. Search any industry on YouTube, and you’ll see that entrepreneurs cover almost every niche. These are industries that can make your channel viral - real estate, car selling (reselling), online marketing, drop shipping, selling on Amazon.

Don’t limit yourself to any industry. Some entrepreneur could be good at only one sector, but financial advice could be relevant for other areas also.