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How to Post a Blog on Instagram

Published on 25.05.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

If you are a blogger looking for a way to promote your blog, one way you can do that is through Instagram. While Instagram is a visual platform that focuses more on images and videos, you can still post your blog on the platform. However, if you are getting started on Instagram, it can be hard to understand how to use it to promote your blog post. Fortunately, this article will guide you on how to do that!

What You Need to Post a Blog on Instagram

Before you share your blog on Instagram, you will need the following:

  • An outstanding image. This should be an Instagram-worthy image to catch your audience’s attention. It should meet the minimum dimensions recommended by IG which are 640 pixels by 640 pixels. If you are using someone else’s image, get the rights to the image.
  • A summary of your blog post. You should have a summary that explains what the blog post is about. These words should add curiosity to the reader, making them want to read the blog post.
  • A link to your blog post. If you want your Instagram followers to read your blog post, you should include its link. Since the link may be a bit long, you can shorten it using a tool such as Bitly.

Armed with the tools above, it is now time to post the blog on Instagram. Start by uploading the image to the platform. You can also add all the essential elements such as filters. In the description, you can include the hashtag #new blogpost. We recommend you read our guide on the top 5 Instagram hashtag examples.

How to Promote Your Blog Post on Instagram

As suggested earlier, Instagram is a visual-driven platform and so, there isn't a lot of room for text. So, you may be wondering how to share your blog post and make it noticeable in the many visual posts. Here are ways of doing that.

Share the Link in the Bio

Instagram allows you to add one link to your bio. This means that this can be one of the best ways of sharing your blog posts. But if you are creating several posts every week, it will pose a challenge for you. You will need to keep changing the link every time you create a new blog post. 

This will not only be difficult to do but it will also mean that the previous article will stop receiving clicks. Fortunately, there are tools you can use such as Later’s Linkin.bio that will enable you to share different bios from one landing page.

Repurposing A Blog On Instagram

We have explained how you can share your blog posts on Instagram. But what if you want to repurpose the blog post and turn it into an Instagram post? Here is how to do that:

Share an Impactful Post From the Blog

If you already have a thought-provoking quote in your blog post, this can be a good option to share on Instagram. When considering such a quote to share, think of something that will grab the reader's attention and encourage them to click and read the full article.

Since Instagram is a visual site, you need to repurpose the comment to be in the form of an image. Doing that doesn't have to be hard, as you can make use of tools such as Canva to cover the quote with a gorgeous backdrop or infographics. You can then upload the image directly to Instagram. Alternatively, if you have a background in graphics design, you can create the design yourself.

Below or above the post, you can add details or context to the quote. You can take out an actual quote from the blog. Ensure that you add hashtags to the post so that your blog post image will be easy to discover.

Use a Post (Carousel)

Perhaps you want to provide more details about the blog post. One way of doing that is through a post (carousel). When we talk of posts (carousel), we are referring to multiple images of up to ten combined in one post. As we shared in the previous part, you will need to cover outstanding quotes from the blog posts on your image.

Using Reels and Longer Videos to Promote Blog Posts

With the algorithm of Instagram giving a lot of prominence to videos, reels are now in vogue. A reel is a short video that is usually between 60 to 90 seconds long. When using them to promote your blog post, be creative. Add elements such as music, text, and filters. Creating a reel doesn't have to be hard as the Instagram platform will show you the process.

So, how do you share your blog post on a reel? One of the options is to take out a series of images to create an Instagram carousel post. Another option is to interview someone knowledgeable about the topic of the blog post and share a short video clip of the interview. You can also use longer videos to promote your blog posts, even though these are not as popular as the reels.

Use Instagram Stories to Share Your Blog Posts

Instagram recently introduced the link sticker feature that enables users to drive traffic back to their blog posts. This is one of the features that you should take advantage of. However, for the maximum impact, you should draw your audience’s attention to the link sticker. You can do that using a customized template or even some outstanding GIFs. 

Remember that Instagram stories usually disappear after 24 hours. To avoid that you should save them as highlights so that all users visiting your profile will see them. Here are ways to use stories to promote your blog posts.

Use Captions as Teasers

Captions can be an invaluable tool for promoting your blog posts on Instagram. This is because they provide an unmatched opportunity to share a teaser of the blog post. The goal is to convince readers to get more details in the blog post. Therefore, use enticing snippets and invite your audience to find out more on the link in the bio.

Share Behind-the-scenes Images or Videos

You can show your audience the behind-the-scenes image or video behind the process of creating the blog post. This can provide your viewers with a personal connection, make them familiar with your brand, and encourage them to engage with your brand. This is one of the great ways to use Instagram stories to market your brand.

Add Polls or Quizzes on Your Latest Blog Posts

Again, this move will help encourage engagement. The goal may be to receive feedback on your post or even test ideas for a blog post. For instance, you can ask your followers what they want to read next, what their view on your previous post is, or what challenges they encounter in your niche. This information will help you understand your audience better and create content that meets their needs.

User Stickers to Add Fun

If you want to add some fun and flair to your posts, stickers will enable you to do that. They can help you add humor, highlight key information, and express emotions. Stickers will help you draw attention to your blog post or the call to action. With proper use of stickers, you can make your Instagram stories engaging, relatable, and memorable.

Use Swipeup

Another key feature that will help you drive traffic to your blog is Swipeup. The feature allows you to interlink stories with blog posts or any other external link. However, to be able to use this feature, your accounts should have at least 10K followers or be verified.

Once you have access to the features, you can then swipe up to direct followers to your latest blog post. Therefore, this is an important feature that enables you to make your stories more valuable and actionable.

Connect With Your Audience Through Live Videos

With live videos, not only can you broadcast live to your followers but you can also create a community with them. You can do a lot during the live video sessions such as:

  • Provide insights into your new blog posts.
  • Answer questions from your followers.
  • Give advice.
  • Provide a preview of your personality.

For instance, Live videos can help you do Q&A sessions or tutorials. People can find your content more authentic and interactive when you use live videos. You should also find a good way of using music during a live Instagram session.  We recommend that you also find Instagram live videos to learn from others.

Expand Your Reach Through Collaborations

Instagram collaborations involve partnering with other creators to promote each other’s content. By collaborating with creators, not only will you expand your reach but you will attract a new audience to your blog. You can collaborate to create different types of content such as joint stories, featured guest posts, swap shoutouts, and even co-hosting live events. When collaborating, ensure that you do so with other bloggers in your niche.

Highlights for Best Stories

With the Highlights feature, you can save your Instagram stories to your profile. As noted earlier, it ensures that the stories don’t disappear after 24 hours. For the best result, ensure that you only include your best blogs in the Highlights. You can also use this feature to show your expertise in the niche and provide your blog’s testimonials, reviews, recommendations, and a lot more.

Instagram Ad for Promoting Blog Posts

You can promote your blog post on Instagram by running ads that direct people to your blog.  Not only are Instagram ads simple to set up but they are also very effective in driving traffic to your site. Another benefit of Instagram ads is that they are relatively cheap compared to other advertising methods. Since Instagram allows you to set up multiple campaigns at the same time, they can be a great choice for testing different ad formats to find one that produces the best results.

When setting up your ad, make sure you consider your target audience. That way, you will be in a better position to create ads that speak to them. You can tailor ads to appear in specific people’s feeds. That means they will be seen by people who are likely to be interested in your blog posts. Also, ensure that you also use targeting options such as age, location, gender, and interest. 

After setting up the ad, keep tracking its performance. You can then use the data to optimize your campaign and get even better results in the future. Also, use visually appealing ads for your target audience. Finally, ensure that the ad links back to a landing page where your potential customers can learn more about your blog.

Building a Community for Your Blog

While you can use the above steps to post and promote your blog on Instagram, there is one step that you should not forget. This involves building a community. When people feel that they are part of your brand, they are more likely to respond to your call-to-action and engage with your content and blog posts. Besides, the Instagram algorithm will reward your posts with a higher ranking when you have a bigger audience reacting to your blog post.  

Here are a few tips that will help you build rapport with your target audience.

  • Take time to understand your follower's likes and dislikes.
  • When your audience comments on your posts, engage with them by liking and responding to their comments.
  • Create a pinned comment for your most engaging followers. This can encourage dialogue around the topic of your blog post.

Final Thoughts

Many bloggers feel that Instagram isn't the right place to post their blog posts. Since it's more geared towards images and videos, they feel that there is no room for text. Instead, they concentrate on other platforms such as LinkedIn.

However, these text-based platforms also mean that competition for eyeballs is higher than that of Instagram. That's why you should not ignore sharing your blog on Instagram. By following our guide, you can easily post your blog on Instagram and see growth in your account. We also recommend you read our ultimate guide on how to go live on Instagram.